Family Values

Posted: January 21, 2008 in funnies, homeschooling, resources

I am on an e-mail newsletter loop from  On their website, they have some free downloads that are quite good.  I downloaded somethings that the girls and I have been using for our Bible time for school.  It is a sheet that lists core values(faith, surrender, love, faithfulness, etc.).  With each value it gives Bible verses and target behaviors that go with it(obeying cheerfully, acts of service, speaking God’s Word, etc.).  We have enjoyed working our way through the list and seeing which behaviors we can see in each other during the day.

 Also, for those who homeschool, I have subscribed for many years to “Homeschooling Today”, and I would highly recommend it for those who would like a magazine that focuses on homeschooling and family life.  It has some wonderful and thought provoking articles.

Family Funny – We have had a number of appliances not working properly lately(dishwasher, microwave, icemaker).  Today we discovered that the blower on the gas fireplace has stopped working as well.  My youngest daughter said, “Man, if things keep tearing up it will be like we are living in the 80’s or something and having to churn our own butter.”  Boy did I feel old!   😛

  1. dsimple says:

    That’s hilarious! Maybe you can think “1880’s” to spare yourself the “old” feeling. 😉


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