“Excuse me God, that is NOT what I meant”

Posted: January 26, 2008 in musings

Me“Hello Father, I really want to surrender all of my life to you.  Please show me what you would have me to do.  I’ll go anywhere and do anything.”

God – “Well Child, lets talk about some of those shows you watch that may not build up your spirit, are you willing to give them up?…..Lets talk about the amount of time you spend on the computer, are you willing to give me that same amount?….The church needs help in the nursery, are you willing to work there?….How many people that you passed today did you tell about me?….How many hours of your week are spent doing volunteer work?…..Do I need to continue?  Are you sure you’re ready to commit ALL to me?”

Me “Wait a minute God, that is not what I meant…..  Sell all I have and move to Africa to feed the starving children, sure.  Pack up and go cross country helping those in need, sure.” 

God – “Be faithful in a few things, I will give you charge over many.”

Me – “Ouch!!”

Casting Crowns is my favorite artist.  My husband bought me their latest CD for Christmas.  On it, there is a song called, Somewhere in the Middle.  One of the lyrics is, “How close can I get Lord, to my surrender, without losing all control.”  

I may be the only one that struggles with this, but I know a lot of times I want God to use me in that BIG way, the way that I have envisioned in my head.  But often He is just waiting to see if I can handle committing my DAILY walk to Him.  Like the song is saying, I think I want to commit, but I still need to be in control so I can make sure that things happen the way I picture.  Sometimes I wonder if it breaks God’s heart or if He gets a “little chuckle” from the silly things that we do. 🙂

  1. dsimple says:

    Well, you’re not the only one, believe me. I’ve had similar conversations with God, myself. I hope God finds me amusing and silly when I’m like that … but I have a feeling it’s probably a bit more of the broken-hearted response.


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