Just Thinking Outloud

Posted: January 29, 2008 in musings

The other night we were flipping channels and I saw one of those news magazines shows.  They were highlighting a very well-known actor and his astounding support of a certain religion.  They went on and on about how he has become the “poster boy” for this movement and how he has made his family and his child follow in the beliefs of this religion.(They were saying it in a positive light) 

It got me to wondering…..Why is the media so quick to highlight, and even sometimes promote, these false beliefs?  I don’t know much about this particular one, but I know it is not based on Biblical principles, so that in turn makes it false.  Why do they speak of them with such respect and admiration?  I started thinking, if it were a Christian man or woman, they would be criticizing them and probably trying to convince people to take their kids away?  They always say, “Don’t force your religion on your kids, let them make their own choices.”  Why does this only apply to beliefs in the TRUE God?  Could it be that in their “heart of hearts” they know that all these other movements are false, so they don’t really see them as threatening?  Do they really believe, deep down, that there is a God and that one day He will hold them accountable for their time on earth, and it scares them to death?………Nah, probably not. They are more than likely just determined to undermine God any chance they get……….But, I wonder??????


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