Quality Time With Those Most Important

Posted: January 30, 2008 in family stuff

Yesterday was my middle daughter’s 15th birthday.  I has been our tradition for many years that I take each one of them shopping and out to lunch on their birthday.  Like alot of you, my daughters and I spend alot of time together, but it is mostly done in a “school setting” where I am the teacher.  It is so nice to just have a day to spend with them in a social environment.  We had a great time going from store to store and then out to eat.  (Of course, most of our travel time consisted of listening to her Jonas Brothers CD and talking about how “awesome” their concert was on Saturday that she went to)  But even that was fun.  I love hearing her talk and listening to the things that she wants to talk about.  It gives me a little insight into the young lady that she is becoming.   Daughters are so special and I love it now that they are becoming some of the most interesting and fun people that I know.  It is great to just sit down and enjoy conversations with them talking about various life issues and sometimes just sharing funny stories.

I don’t ever want to be so busy that I am not willing to just stop everything and spend some time with the most precious gifts that God has given me.  I recently heard a quote that I love, “Never get so busy with the urgent things that you don’t get to the important things.” 

 I think being a Mom is one of the most special callings that God can give a woman.  I recently “Googled” my name to see what would come up and I discovered a book review that I had done for an author a couple of years ago.  I was reminded, by the review, about her book.  It is entitled “Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God.”  It is a remarkable book.  It truly can make you appreciate the greatest calling on earth.  I dug it out of my book drawer and now I am enjoying  it all over again.

  1. dsimple says:

    Just curious if you’ve read any of the author’s other books? I read your review (and promptly added the book to my Amazon Cart to purchase later, maybe if I get some birthday money in a couple of weeks). But I also noticed several other titles by the same author that sounded interesting, too. Maybe I need to add a couple more books to my cart. 🙂

  2. brumbemom says:

    I actually didn’t realize that she had those other books. I have looked at her site, since your comment, and saw the others. I too think I need to add those to my wish list.

  3. Casey says:

    Wow! That really hits home. Sometimes I forget how to just be Mom!

  4. Another great entry! That book sounds really wonderful. I read another one of Mary’s books. I’m trying to remember the title… It was something about being the Christian parent that you never had. It had some good insights, some that I didn’t totally agree with, but they did make me think. I’ll have to check my library for this book though. She definitely writes from the heart.

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