Land of the Free

Posted: February 4, 2008 in randomness

My youngest daughter and I have been reading in history about the times of Mussolini and Hitler.  We have been amazed to read about all the vile things that the two of them accomplished and the types of society that they propagated.   I have enjoyed discussing with her about how, as Americans, we have almost unlimited freedom(sometimes too much if you ask me)  This came at such an appropriate time since we will all be invoking our right to vote tomorrow.  My oldest daughter and I have signed up to work the polls tomorrow beginning at 5:30am(what was I thinking 🙂 )

Anyway, a friend of mine sent me this link to a quiz you can take to see which candidate best aligns with your views and opinions.  I found it to be interesting and very informative.  I hope you enjoy it too.

  1. dsimple says:

    Thanks for including that link to the quiz. It was actually quite interesting.


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