The Other Side

Posted: February 15, 2008 in family stuff, musings

Our family, along with another family, had the privilege yesterday of preparing and serving lunch at a shelter.  For the most part it was men, a few women, and a couple of children(I can’t even deal with that at all so we will just move on.)  As I look at the faces of those coming through the line, I had a recurring thought the whole time.  “How did these people get to this point in their lives?”  Were they dealt a huge blow that they were just not able to overcome?  Do they choose to live that way?  Did they make one giant mistake that ruined their lives or was it just a series of small mistakes that eventually got them to this point?  I looked at them and, for the most part, they seemed like normal everyday people, not so different from me.  I started thinking, about their childhood and what kind of atmosphere they grew up in.  Did they have a Mother and Father that loved them and made a home for them?  I realize that everybody’s story is different and that each one of them probably came from a completely different place in life, but still, something had to have changed the course of their lives to put them living on the street. 

I can’t help but ponder the thought.  Are we all just one mistake away from having our lives shattered?  Does it happen with just one giant mistake or is it more of a slow, slippery slope?  I would love to hear any feedback on this that anyone out there might have.

Sorry this is so dark and not upbeat.  I guess I am just in a different place today.  It changes your outlook a bit when you see the other side.  Whether it is homeless people, the kid on a college campus with a gun that thinks violence is the only way out, or even the neighbors next door, the world is FULL of hurting, hopeless people.  How can we not offer some hope, some compassion, some LOVE?

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