Only In My Dreams

Posted: February 19, 2008 in funnies, it's all about me

I dreamed that I was at a “Bon Jovi” concert and the friends that I came with, one of which was my mother, had gone in and gotten a seat and not saved me one. 

I woke up wondering, “where in the world did that come from?”  I do happen to like a few Bon Jovi songs, but other than that I am stumped.  Could the meaning be that I need to get better friends? 🙂 That can’t be it, I happen to have great friends.  Maybe the meaning is that I am a secret rocker wannabe.  Nah, I doubt it considering even the Toby Mac that I hear coming from my kids bedroom gives me a headache.  Maybe it is telling me to stay away from Rock Concerts, that is a DEFINITE possibility.

Anyway, if there are any amateur psychologists out there that like to interpret dreams, I would love to hear your ideas 😎

  1. dsimple says:

    No dream interpretations here. My subconscious has lots of fun at night and I have the weirdest dreams sometimes. (For example: a remake of Gilligan’s Island with the whole cast in either clown suits or dressed in drag … I don’t even want to know what THAT dream meant!) 😉

    My kids and I went to see Toby Mac in concert on Saturday night. The concert date fell halfway between my birthday and my youngest daughter’s birthday, so the show was our dual birthday celebration. It was awesome! (But you would’ve had a headache, I think!) lol


  2. brumbemom says:

    You’re probably right. About the loudest I get is when I am in my car alone and I crank up my Casting Crowns. I guess I’m not to “hip” 😉

  3. dsimple says:

    Oh, I love Casting Crowns (and Third Day and Mercy Me) and crank them up in my car when I’m alone, too.

    After seeing Toby Mac in concert several years ago (for free!) at our local state fair, I became a big fan. He puts on a stage show unlike anyone else in Christian music circles. It’s not a worship experience like it can be when you see someone like Jeremy Camp in concert, but it’s a first class show and I’ve discovered that there’s tremendous depth to Toby Mac when you get beyond the noise. His walk with God is authentic … and he really connects with kids. It’s a treat to see it all happen in person. 🙂 But it’s loud. VERY loud. lol


  4. brumbemom says:

    My teenage daughters were able to attend a TobyMac concert last year and they felt just as you do, “That it was the most awesome thing they had ever experienced.” But they did say, “Mom, you would not have liked it, it was EXTREMELY loud.” 😉

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