No Regrets

Posted: February 23, 2008 in musings

A couple of nights ago we experienced the most dreadful thing and I’m sure that most of you can relate, no it’s not loosing satellite signal right when they are getting ready to announce who got voted off American Idol. 😉

Seriously, it is when the phone rings in the middle of the night.  If you are like me, you automatically start assuming the worse and you brace yourself for the words that you are about to hear.  In our case it was these, “A family member is having chest pains, the ambulance just got here and we are on our way to the ER.”  In that moment it is as if your heart stops beating and you start preparing yourself to face what might lie ahead.  In this instance, fortunately, it was not a heart attack, but it did bring to light some serious issues that we would not have know about had it not been for the trip to the ER, so for that we are grateful.

 You never know what thoughts you will have until you are thrust into that situation.  Not knowing what the outcome will be, we go through a range of different emotions.  Some may be of regret over something we didn’t say or do, some may be feelings of utter sorrow, or even sorrow mixed with joy in the case of the ending of long time suffering.  We never really know how we will feel until we are confronted with something like that. 

I was reminded recently of the verse in Mark 14 where Jesus says of a particular woman, “She has done what she could.”  We aren’t all qualified to be famous singers, or preachers that speak to the multitudes, or martyrs who give their lives on foreign land, or leaders who change the world.  What we CAN do is whatever God has put us on this earth for, and for that, we ARE deeply qualified.  Wouldn’t that be a WONDERFUL testimony to have when it comes to the end of our earthly life, “They have done what they could.” 


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