Posted: February 28, 2008 in family stuff, travelings

picture-041.jpgGathering up the essentials:  a few drinks, some snacks, wide-opened eyes, inquisitive minds, and cameras with extra batteries.  These are the necessary items for one of our favorite family activities, a day that we like to call “Rambling”.  We all load up in the car and with no particular destination in mind we simply take off and just see what we can discover.  Of course with the price of gas lately, we aren’t able to do it as often as we would like, but we still try to take a day a couple of times a month. We sometimes play games in the car, you know, naming animals with each letter of the alphabet, I spy, counting certain colors and types of cars, etc.  On longer trips, my husband likes to make the girls scavenger hunts.  He prints them out and they try to see who can mark off each item first.  I really enjoy driving to places that we have never been before.  I like to read road signs and road names, there are some pretty curious road names out there espceially if you drive in the country.  I prefer to stick to smaller back roads as opposed to big highways.  There seem to be more sights to see on those old back-roads. I love seeing things for the first time.   We have a few traditions that we always try to do on our day of rambling.  It is kinda our joke to “look for a smoking pot”.  By that I mean, if you see a smoking pot on the side of the road, it usually means boiled peanuts!  And we all LOVE boiled peanuts.  It is also kinda our family joke that anytime we see a fish hatchery we have to stop and go in.  They are always free and it is interesting to see all the fish(or at-least we act like it is) 😉

 We had a day of rambling this past weekend and we saw some beautiful sights.  The picture that I inserted was an old boat house or something on the side of a lake.  I thought it was so serene.   We ended up in Collinsville, Alabama and then drove north to Fort Payne.  We came upon this cute little ice cream shop that this older lady had just opened.  She was so friendly and the ice cream was delicious. We then drove to DeSoto Falls.  We had never been there before and it was beautiful.  We took a short little trail and found some huge rocks that we all climbed up on and took some pictures.   Some of our funniest times are when I try to set the camera on timer and then run to get in the picture.  We have had so many mishaps trying to do that, that now, each time we almost get so tickled that I can’t even do it.

I guess you could call these days of ramblings a “poor boys mini-vacation”, but it works for us.


  1. scrabblenut says:

    Great idea! We’ll have to try it sometime.

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