Pillow Talk, No, PillowCASES Talk

Posted: March 1, 2008 in family stuff, it's all about me, randomness

Today was laundry day.  No, not clothes(that seems to be an EVERY day occurrence), but bed linens.  As in most things, when doing laundry I tend to be a bit…uh…what is a nice word for it…..okay, we’ll go with compulsive.  Whenever I have more than 1 load of something, lights/darks, instead of just putting in half and then the other half, I usually divide them by shirts and pants/shorts.  I’m not sure why, but it makes sense to me.  Anyway, the point of this story….

Today I was doing bed linens.  I realized there would be too much for 1 load so I just grabbed the first piece I saw, which happened to be a pillowcase.  So, being my usual,uh..compulsive self I decided to pick out all the pillowcases first.  I could not believe it. I ended up with a full load of nothing but pillowcases.  There were 25 in all!  Now we only have 5 people in our family, so you do the math, and I know that my husband and I do not sleep with 5 pillows each.  I found that to be extremely curious.  I’m not sure where they all come from or how my children possibly sleep in twin beds with that many pillows a piece, but apparently they do.

Anyway, I realize that this story doesn’t have an, “A hah” moment and it isn’t something that will change your life, but I guess we are all entitled to a little “rant” every now and then. 😎

  1. Heidi says:

    I love that your OCD w/laundry. I only have laundry for 2 people – myself & my husband – and I am sickly OCD about the way I do laundry. Kudos for my fellow OCDer!!! 😉

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