The Big Give

Posted: March 3, 2008 in randomness

Last night I watched the new show on ABC, Oprah’s Big Give.  It was really good even though I watched most of it through blurred vision 😦 I am such a sap.  I always cry when I watch things like that.  It touches my heart so much to see hurting people being given these incredible, life-changing gifts, it is just so moving.  It may all be just an act, but it still moves me.

Anyway, it started out with 10 random people and then Oprah put them into groups of 2.  One of the teams was two men.  They did incredibly well.  They worked well together and got so much accomplished for the person that had been chosen for them to “change their life.”  They didn’t have any problems getting along and they kept their eyes on the big picture.  They, by far, accomplished more than any other team.

To the contrary, the team that consisted of 2 women, left much to be desired.  They fought the whole time, they couldn’t agree on anything.  They mouthed at each other and in the end, the person that they were supposed to be helping ending up getting very little. 

I started thinking, why is it that women seem to have such a hard time sometimes getting along.  Sometimes we are so cynical and we let ourselves get so worked up about the shallowest things.  While most men, on the other hand, just go along with their lives and let most things just roll of their backs.  I rarely hear men sitting around talking about what other men have done to them and how their feelings are hurt.  Sometime I think we could take a big “cue” from the men.  

My husband lives in a house with 4 females and he hears some of the things that we let “get to us”.  Although he is very sensitive to our feelings, he says why don’t you just let it go, just move on and don’t let it bother you.  Isn’t it irritating when they are right.  🙂

This is in no way meant toward any of you special women who make my life so full.  I just thought we could all use a little “tough love” sometime. 😉 Or atleast I know I can.

  1. chickadee says:

    thanks for entering my contest this week!

  2. You know why men let things roll off their backs, don’t you? It’s because they don’t hear as well and they probably miss half of the snide remarks that people make. 🙂

    Women, on the other hand, hear everything and read into everything they hear, and imagine the rest. We listen to the inflection and just know that we hear something that probably isn’t there. I think men do get their feelings hurt, but they are also so task-oriented that they can press on. They want to see the final goal accomplished.

    Women COULD learn a thing or two from men. I was thinking yesterday (after watching a show on tv) about how men used to be revered as the intellegent ones; the ones who could be respected. Now, in our modern society, we tend to think of men as bumbling idiots. I think we should pay more attention to these creatures, don’t you?

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