1 Part Head, 2 Parts Heart? Or Is It 0 Part Head, All Heart?

Posted: March 6, 2008 in it's all about me, musings, randomness

I struggle in my writing as to whether or not to write from my head or my heart.  You see,  when it comes to theology and intellect I would never presume that I had anything to tell you, from my head, that you don’t already know.  But, from my heart, now that’s a different story.  My heart is full of experiences and lessons learned through much trial and error.  I have only lived for 41 years, don’t you love that, ONLY 41 years, that makes me sound young 😉 but in those years I have crossed many paths and have hopefully learned from my many mistakes. 

 Although, when I think about it, maybe I should look to my head more than my heart, my head has rarely gotten me into trouble.  Of course, there have been a few occasions when I thought I knew something and then later realized that I was wrong and it was my head(somewhat hard at times) that got me into trouble.  But, for the most part, it is my heart that causes me the most pains in my life.  Even though my heart has been home to the Savior of the world for 32 years now, it is still “full of deceit and desperately wickedJer 17:9.  I am sure these deceitful times come when He is not given “full reign” of my heart, when He is confined to one room, or to my detriment even pushed to the basement. I guess that is when most of the trouble starts. 

 Often, I cringe at the thought of writing from my heart.  Sometimes it is a bit too revealing, other times it may be too bold, and other times I just think, “What in the world are you talking about?” 😉 I tend to think more with my heart than with my head anyway I’m afraid, and since my head is often empty, but my heart seems to be full most of the time, I guess I will continue to write from the heart and just hope that it doesn’t get me into trouble. 

In reading back over this, my head says that it really doesn’t make much sense, but my heart says who cares post it anyway.  Sorry, heart wins! 😎


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