Catastrophe in California

Posted: March 8, 2008 in homeschooling

No, it isn’t earth-shattering earthquakes, nor is it widespread wildfires, it is something that is potentially much worse.  The removal of parental rights.  I would be curious to know if these same people that have voted to take away a parents right to choose which path of education they want for their children are the same people that have also voted to give the parents the right to kill that child before he/she even has a chance of life.

I would never be one to debate the positives of Homeschooling.  When it comes to something that to me seems to be a “no-brainer”, I would have no arguments for those who felt otherwise.

But, in light of the recent catastrophe in California, I feel obligated to say something.  I think that the positives of homeschooling have already been proven and there is little else to say.  Would you choose an over-crowded school system where violence is rampant? Or would you choose a setting where the children are taught in a one-on-one setting, where they are never in danger.  An environment that shelters them from having to deal with adult matters while they are still children and also empowers them with independent thinking that allows them to think for themselves and not just do it because “everyone else is.”  There is much debate that could go on and on for public schools vs. Homeschooling, but I feel it is entirely unnecessary.  Homeschoolers have already proven themselves to be equal, if not superior in some instances, to those produced by the government schools.  There really is no need for further debate on the issue, especially by those who really don’t know anything about homeschooling.

We need to focus on the true tragedy at hand.  The idea that an entire state has removed the parents right to choose is the most appalling thing that we have come across in quite sometime.  This country is so careful as to not violate the rights of people, criminals and so forth, but it seems that the government is determined to undermine the authority of parents.  What we need to do now is pray for God’s mercy on our country, and for our fellow homeschoolers in California that no doubt have a rough road a head. 


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