Just Playing Games

Posted: March 14, 2008 in family stuff

      My husband purchased a yard game the other night, and we have been having a blast playing it.  Ours is called Ladder Ball, but apparently there are several different names for it.  During alot of our camping excursions, we had seen people with the game set up in their campsites, but we had never played it.  I think some people make their own out of PVC pipe and golf balls, but we bought ours at Walmart.  I tend to not like games that are very involved and require alot of skill or brain power 😉 but this one is very simple and alot of fun.  Our family enjoys anything that we can compete in and we have already had some intense battles on this one. 

I’m beginning to settle into this new time, especially when the weather is nice.  We have had fun staying outside later in the evenings and have enjoyed seeing who is the ultimate Ladder Baller 😉

  1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!
    We love to camp, too, and keep seeing this game. It always seems expensive in the sporting goods store and my husband talked about making one, but we never got around to it. I haven’t seen it at WalMart; I’ll have to check it out! 😉

    How old are your girls?

  2. My husband’s family LOVES this game. They made their own and play it at family gatherings in the warm weather. I didn’t know Walmart sells it, but someone was smart to manufacture it.

  3. Macey says:

    Hey Mom, you know I am the Ultimate Ladder Baller! (ha ha) Me and Megan were undefeated!

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