Home Education Week Post #4

Posted: April 2, 2008 in chele's kitchen, family stuff, homeschooling

Principlediscovery is hosting Home Education Week.

Writing Prompt:  Recipe for Success-It is also National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.  So share a recipe……figuratively, as in two parts love, one part creativity, or literally, as in a super quick, nutritious meal you kids scarf up.

Well, I am not a big fan of PB&J.  I know, I may be one of the few people in America that does not like Peanut Butter.  So I personally do not feel the urge to celebrate National PB&J Day.  So I will stick with the recipe for  successful homeschooling.  Could anybody please tell me where I could find that recipe book?!?  I am good at following recipes, but what always happens to me is that I get all into a recipe and then realize that I am missing one of the key ingredients.  Which in this case, homeschooling, one of those ingredients could be creativity.  I am probably one of the least creative moms I know.  I love the idea of Unit Studies, but I need to find one that tells me exactly what to do. It is very difficult for me to come up with creative ideas for my kids.  I pretty much just go with the ideas in the curriculum.  The other key ingredients that I think are needed for a successful homeschool are courage, love, faith, organization, patience, and lots and lots of prayer, and dont’ forget, a big dash of fun!

There are some ingredients that should definitely be omitted from the successful homeschool recipe.  One is comparison.  Everybody’s homeschool looks different, and it is very dangerous to compares yours to somebody else.  I know my “reality” is quite different from my  friends, and each of our “homeschools” look very different and that is okay.  Another unwanted ingredient could be stress related issues.  I know when I am under stress, usually from nothing having to do with school, we tend to have very bad school days.  My kids end up getting into trouble and, to be honest, it probably was primarily because I was not in the kind of attitude that I should be in.  On those heavy stress days, that is when I would just call for some independent reading or writing and let everybody have some space.  Or better yet, just put the books aside for a while and have some fun.

On a lighter side, for actual cooking, I tend to utilize my crock pot alot.  I love to put something on in the morning and then I don’t have to think about supper for the rest of the day.  For a quick lunch, we like to make miniature pizzas.  We use english muffins, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.  They only have to cook a few minutes and they are very tasty.  (I usually cut the english muffins in half so the pizza will be thin and crispy.)

Well, that is my recipe for a successful homeschool or should I say life.  It doesn’t always flow smooth or turn out like I plan, but it is ours and we love it.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

  1. Margaret says:

    Another good post! I use the same formula for heavy stress days – lots of reading.

  2. Laurie says:

    I think you have some great ingredients!

  3. Stacy says:

    Great recipe for homeschooling!

    I love the fact that you mentioned the fun aspect of it. It is so important!

    Hope you have a great day,

  4. Great post….and realistic, which is very important for anyone who is considering homeschooling.

  5. Renae says:

    I agree that comparison has to go! Thanks for sharing so many great tips.

  6. Heidi says:

    So, True….So, True!!
    Thanks for sharing!

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