Home Education Week Post #5

Posted: April 3, 2008 in family stuff, funnies, homeschooling, travelings

Principlediscovery has been hosting Home Education Week all this week with different writing prompts for each day.

Writing Prompt:  Show and Tell-Show off talents.  Share a story, a special moment, a piece of artwork.  Any accomplishment, great or small, is fair game.

This one was a little difficult.  I kinda look at the fact that we have homeschooled for 9 years, 1 of which was in a camper, and still love each other, as accomplishment enough, but I will try to think of a little more.

Homeschooling and being self-employed has allowed us to be able to travel quite a bit.  A few years ago, we took a 7 week road trip that went through 23 states.  It was a wonderful and very educational time for us.  We have also spent a few weeks traveling to Williamsburg, VA and to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. One year we even moved to Orlando, my husband got a job as a fishing guide for Disney and we practically made Disney World our home for a year.   So, we have had a lot of experiences with seeing the US and have learned great things from our travels.

Now, for each girl individually.  Like I stated before, my oldest DD loves Science and also loves to write poetry.  She also loves sports and has received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award for 2 years in a row.  I have copied one of her poems below that she wrote while in Jamaica on a mission trip.

“I love the Lord with all my heart, And I know His love will not depart.

For He created me the way I am, And He watches over me like a shepherd and lamb.

He keeps me going on a good path, And He keeps me away from the Devil’s wrath.

He draws me closer, but I still pull away, But I know in His arms I will forever stay.

He provides for all my needs, And He forgets all my ungodly deeds.

His voice is so soft, I don’t always hear, That voice I love so very dear.

So I love the Lord with all my heart, And He loves me, every single part.”


My middle DD, loves to write and also is very athletic.  She has received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award for 3 years in a row.  I have copied an essay that she wrote entitled, “Being at the right place at the right time”.

In November of 2006, I was definitely at the right place at the right time.  Me, my Mom and my two sisters were walking down the road at Disney’s Animal Kingdon Park and my Mom said, “Hey, that looks like that guy from American Idol.”  We all knew it couldn’t really be him.  Then my older sister said, “I think it really is him.”  He was walking about 10 feet in front of us, so my Mom yelled, “Kevin!”  He turned around and we all started laughing, so he just kept walking.  Then we yelled again, “Kevin!”  Then he turned around and saw us.  We walked over to the side of the path and all said “Hey” to him.  My Mom told him that I was his biggest fan and he asked me what my name was and told me thanks for all the support(after I told him I had voted for him every time.)  Then we got our picture taken with him.  His mom told us that we were the first people to recognize him.  I was glad that I was at the right place at the right time, or I would not have met my favorite American Idol.  Kevin Covais


My youngest DD, is our true nature enthusiast.  She genuinely loves all wildlife and any type of nature in general.  She has become a very good fisherman and has probably had about every type of flying, crawling and swimming creature that you can think of, in a pen or jar at one time of another.  Her Dad took her fishing the other night, and after catching several fish, she spent the next little while just taking pictures of a cat that was hanging out around the lake.  She has a form of Dyslexia and has had to really struggle to get her reading going, but she has worked so hard and has come a very long way.  Now she even enjoys reading outloud. She has taken Ballet and Jazz for a few years, and has become quite a good dancer and performer.  She definitely keeps us entertained and laughing most of the time. The other day my other DD were having a converstion about something, I’m not really sure what, but all she overheard was “Doomsday” She quickly chimed in, “Doomsday, when is Doomsday?  Do we get school off?”  Clearly we have not established a love for learning yet 😛


Well, that is just a brief description of some things that we have managed to accomplish over the years.  I hope you enjoyed reading about them and thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to tune in again tomorrow for “In Their Own Words” writing prompt.  I am turning my blog over to my girls for the day 😛 Should be interesting.

  1. Debora Dale says:

    And to think I thought MY homeschooling experiences were varied and exciting! I’m only in my second year of homeschooling my one 12-year-old daughter. We love it and have slowly let go of the regimented way of learning. Your experiences are wonderful and encouraging. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Laurie says:

    How fun to do all that traveling! My son loves to fish, the rest of us aren’t into fishing or eating it. Poor guy.

  3. What a beautiful post dearest.

  4. Renae says:

    I enjoyed seeing the individuality of your children. Thanks for sharing!

  5. mrs darling says:

    Your kids have a lot of interests. I wish my kids did. My 11 year old is just unmotivated!

    I didnt do todays assingment becasue I wanted to chat about other things but tomorrow I will be turning my blog over to my daughter too. Im looking forward to reading everyones!

  6. Celly B says:

    Your homeschool experience seems like a rich and varied one. Your daughter’s poem is wonderful. The Doomsday comment is too funny!

  7. Heidi says:

    This was a great post – – loved hearing about your travels and the little snippets about your girls.
    LOVE, LOVE the “Doomsday” remark. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing!

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