For the Love of Blogging

Posted: April 7, 2008 in funnies, randomness

I so enjoyed participating in Home Education Week last week.  I think that I will cherish having written down my thoughts and expectations for homeschooling that I probably would have never written down had it not been for those particular prompts.  I have grown to truly enjoy this whole blogging experience. 

I was recently talking with a friend, we will call her…..”wife of my greatest blog supporter” 😉 (I know what you are thinking, my husband is probably my greatest blog supporter and since I am his wife, I was talking to myself.  Well, that’s not it) Anyway, she told me that she wishes she could blog, but that she has a hard time writing things down.  She said she is better at just saying what she has to say, but she get frustrated when she tries to express it on paper.  I would say that I am the opposite.  As I previously blogged about in Small Talk, I tend to avoid situations where a lot of talking will be involved.  I get easily tongue-tied and the things that come out are rarely what I would have said had I taken a few minutes to ponder my response.  I guess you could say that my brain tends to work slower than my mouth. 

I guess that is why I enjoy blogging so much.  It gives me a chance to say things that I have taken a few minutes or a few days to think about and probably would have never said in just a talking situation.  When I write about something, I try to look at every angle and make sure that it cannot be taken in a wrong way by somebody, or that it isn’t too personal or doesn’t really make any sense.(Alot of posts get deleted on that one)  They say “hind-sight is 20/20”, I guess that is why I like blogging.  I can take as much time as I need to use my “hind-sight” before I actually post it.

Family Funny:  We were at the mall over the weekend shopping for a prom dress for my oldest DD. (We found a local Homeschool prom).  Anyway, we were walking through the mall looking in the windows at different dresses and things and my youngest daughter(remember, she is the one that likes fishing so much) yelled out, “Hey look, that one comes in “bruised banana”.  I said, “What in the world are you talking about?”  My husband quickly informed me that “bruised banana” was the color of one of their fishing lures 😛

  1. Bruised banana ~ the newest, coolest fashion color? Funny, good chuckle.
    A homeschool prom would be so neat to find, the boys are getting to that age.
    I enjoyed last week as well, I’ve been an active blogger for awhile now though. Hope you will continue to visit me @ The Cafe and maybe my Book review blog as well, which has a link on my main blog. I have you in my reader.

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