My Darkest Valley

Posted: April 11, 2008 in it's all about me, randomness

This is a personal post, that is strictly all about my trial and suffering.  I am right now in one of the darkest and most trying valleys that a woman can go through………………. The “Bang Growing Out” valley.  Sorry, I know that was a bit dramatic, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Trying to grow out your bangs is a terrible, terrible time.  I have been at it for what seems like, forever. 

I have gone through the usual steps, first you start letting them get a bit longer than you normally would.  They aren’t quite in your eyes, but they are close.  Then they get a bit more length, and you get so frustrated not being able to see, that you pull out the scissors and whack them off.  Back to step one, of course, that is after you have gone to the beautician to get her to fix your now extremely crooked bang line.  My girls had gotten to the point where they never knew from day to day if I would have bangs or not when they saw me.  I felt like I was in a Shakespeare play each morning, “To bang or not to bang, that is the question”.  Didn’t Shakespeare write that?!? 😉 Where was I, oh yes, back at step one, they are growing bit by bit.  You can no longer see unless you curl them up so tight that you look like a 6 yr. old, so you try pinning them to the side with a hair bow.  This in turn now gives you the look of atleast 10. 

 I am way past that stage now.  Mine have almost reach the point where I can put them behind my ears, almost, but not quite.  So, I use hair gel to try and get them to do that swoop on top that so many celebs have been able to accomplish.  Of course, mine never look like theirs and I start to reach for the scissors.  No!  Stop!  You’ve come so far. Please, keep the faith, don’t give in!

Oh well, that is my saga.  Maybe one day I will reach the mountaintop of this dreaded valley and will have that beautiful long one length, no bang hair that I so desire.  A girl can dream, cant she!?! 😛

I usually color my hair lighter than it actually is, for some reason my DH likes blondes, go figure 😉 , but since I am doing the whole no bangs thang, I have deicded to go back to my natural color, which is dark brown. (Atleast until those “natural highlights” start popping through at the scalp 🙂 )  The other day at Walmart I noticed this woman coming toward me down the isle kept looking at me.  When she finally got to me she said, ” You look so much like Sandra Bullock?” (Those of you who know me are thinking, Was this a blind woman? Shame on you, you are supposed to be my friends 😉 Anyway, I quickly said, “thank you”, and hurried on my way, before she had time to take a closer look and realize how very wrong she was 😦 but I’ll take the compliment anyday. Don’t you just love Sandra Bullock?!?From her picture, you can tell that she definitely has the whole “no bang” thang totally under control!

In case you are wondering, yes, I am aware that I am generally the only person that appreciates my pitiful attempts at humor.  But, you know as they always say, “The best laughter is laughing at yourself.”  Didn’t someone once say that?  Well, if they didn’t, they should. 😉

  1. Margaret says:

    Too funny! My daughter grew out her bangs. It doesn’t take so long for a kid. But she struggled and had me cut the bangs a few times. I still remember walking through the Costco parking lot with her discussing the bangs problem. She was all of 7 years old. A woman walking behind us chimed in “Oh yes! Growing out bangs is horrible! Don’t do it!” Funny, I can’t remember if she had bangs or not!

  2. You know I can so relate…been there and done that. Miss Boo’s hair is perpetually in that state because my MIL always gives her bangs on me.

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