Hubby, the Builder

Posted: April 17, 2008 in family stuff

We have been living in the upstairs of my parents house for about 6 months now.  My two older DD are sharing a pretty small room.  They have had two twin beds in there, and there just wasn’t enough room for them to even move around.  So they decided they wanted bunk beds to give them more floor space.  We didn’t really want to go out and buy new bunk beds, especially since they are grown kids and bunk beds tend to not be very sturdy anyway.  So, my brilliant DH decided to just build them some bunk beds. 

He very quickly drew out some blueprints of what he wanted them to look like then he measured each of the girls in a sitting position, to make sure they would be able to sit up on each of the beds.  We went to Home depot and bought some lumber and he came home and within just a few hours, he had these great looking beds built.  They are VERY sturdy and the girls are thrilled.

Of course, now youngest DD wants bunk beds that Daddy made.  So, I’m sure we will be off to Home depot again soon! 


  1. *Meg* says:

    Hey Mommy,

    I like that picture. It shows all of your readers how much we love our boys!!! Rock on Mom!!!!!!

  2. Macey says:

    Hey Mom!

    this blog is the coolest because it shows some of our many posters of the JONAS BROTHERS! good blog too by the way! love ya!

  3. Kirstin says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your tip and am going to check out Aleks.

    We are currently living with an older lady in our church (we have been for 2 years) while we build a home…if you visit my blog and go to home construction or something like that. ANyways, our girls 12 and 9 have been sharing a small room and a small twin bed for that time. It’s a good thing they love each other.

    The bunk beds look great, and probably are more sturdier than store bought…not to mention the memories as they get passed down!

    I love how your girls commented on your blog…way cute!

  4. Wow! He did a great job, and it’s obvious the girls are thrilled with the results 🙂

    My dh is handy, too…he built the crib all four of our kids used. We still have it and are hoping our grandchildren will sleep in it someday.

    Your book goes out tomorrow…..hope you enjoy it!


  5. chickadee says:

    that’s wonderful. i’ve been wanting to get bunk beds for my son’s room. wish my husband could build.

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