A Death in the Family

Posted: April 24, 2008 in family stuff, kids

We woke up this morning to discover that we had a death in the family last night.  Remember the three salamanders that I told you about(didn’t I tell you about them?) anyway, the skinny of the matter is, we now have TWO salamanders.  My youngest DD came into my room earlier and said, “Mommy, my baby salamander died last night.  You know I always have burial services for my salamanders when they die so we have to have a funeral.”  (I wasn’t aware that we had ever had a salamander death before, but apparently I was wrong)  My middle DD helped her sister carefully wrap the slimy, icky, disgusting, beautiful creature of God, in tissue paper and proceed to write its name and eulogy on the side, while I lit into a chorus of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, at the top of my lungs.  Needless to say, my children looked at me like I was a mental patient and quickly ran from the room.  I get that reaction alot from them 😦 .

Well, I think the services are scheduled for noon today, so I guess we will have to extend our lunch break.

Kids are so funny.  My life would be so dull without them! 😎

  1. malary says:

    it is hard for me to read my mom’s blog today. i’ve only had my salamander for a short time but i still loved him.

  2. There was a salamander phase in our family, too. Then there was the “Grow a Frog” kit we got for our son when he was seven. Most of the frogs died within a few months, but one lived…..until our son was 17! By then I was more than ready for that bloated, ugly old thing to check out. I think my son took him down to the river and freed him right before he left for college. Good luck with the funeral….maybe the kids should sing?

    Thanks for your comments about my book at my blog. I’m glad you read far enough into it that you don’t think we’re one of those perfect families….I’ve got plenty of witnesses if you need to be convinced, though. And thanks also for the heads-up about the ACT scores. Dd did check yesterday morning and was very happy (and relieved) about her scores.

    Sorry for the LONG comment 🙂

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