The Least Amoung Us

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

I heard this song for the first time the other day on the radio, The 21st Time, my first thought was that the tune wasn’t really that catchy and I reached to turn the staion, but something stopped me.  As I began to listen to the lyrics, I started to cry.  The words were so moving and they touched me in such a way.

During basketball season, we go into the city a couple of times a week to go to the local college’s women’s basketball games.  We always pass so many homeless people in the city that we had kinda just tuned them out.  But there was this one particular man that always stood in the same spot, we called him “chicken man”(a long story), we would pass him each time and he would tip his hat to us and we would smile back.  We decided to put together a goody bag of sorts and take it to him the next time we went into the city.  We got together some nonperishable items and a small bible and a small amount of money and put it in a bag.  We went into the city several times over the next few weeks always with our goody bag in tow, but we never saw “chicken man”. We thought that we had missed our opportunity, and now something had happened to him.  A few weeks later, we had a car full of kids and we were on our way to the game.  They all knew the story of “chicken man” so we were all looking to see if we could spot him.  He wasn’t in his usual spot, but as we made a turn, we spotted him on the opposite corner.  My husband quickly made a u-turn and we pulled up next to him.  There was alot of traffic, so we weren’t really able to stop for very long, but we handed him the goody bag and went on our way.  We all watched out the back of the car as he tore into the bag with such excitement.  It was such a moving moment.  I think we all barely spoke a word the rest of the way to the colliseum. 

Well months have passed now, and we barely go into the city this time of year, and I guess we have moved on and have forgotten about the “chicken man”.  I was reminded this morning about the story of the good samaritan in the Bible.  Wasn’t that someone that just stopped to help a “homeless” person on the street?  We all are quick to criticize the ones that didn’t stop and looked down on him from their lofty posts, but aren’t we those people?  Don’t we pass by those who are not quite up to our standards and look down on them, or hold our children a little closer as we quickly pass by pretending not to notice them?  I know that people have mixed emotions about “less fortunate” people and some may say, “They should get a job.”  And maybe some of that is true, but I know that there have been times when things have not gone our way and had it not been for the generosity of others, we might not have made it.  What about times in our lives where we have relied on the help of others in certain situations? Don’t we all have that testimony?  What if there weren’t “others”, what if we didn’t have anybody?  What might happen to us then?  I guess I am just naive enough to believe that God loves all men equally and who are we to decide who is worthy of our help and who isn’t?  A movie that I love is, The Pursuit of Happyness It is a very moving story about a man that ends up living on the street, through not really any fault of his own.  The obstacles he overcomes and the triumph that he finds in the end it extremely emotional.

I had some thoughts today as I watched the 21st time video.  How hard would it be to make up some goody bags and just carry them around in the car and share with those we see all around that are asking for help?  It would only take a little time and who knows, it might just be “Jesus” that we are helping.

If you started the video at the beginning and saw it was about a bunch of homeless people and thought, “I don’t really have time for this”, please watch it and really listen to the words.  Everyday we have the opportunity to change lives all around us, shouldn’t we accept the responsibility?

I just realized that I had posted a little about this burden back in February in The Other Side.  Maybe God is trying to tell me something, you think?!?

  1. Kim says:

    I have that CD by Monk & Neagle. It is very good. The first time I heard that song. I thought aren’t we all like that.
    They have another great song on there, Hallelujah, Jesus.

  2. What a lovely post, and so true!

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