Love: The Ultimate Security Blanket

Posted: May 1, 2008 in family stuff, kids, musings, Uncategorized

We spent some time this past weekend going through our storage building and we came across the box labeled “Home Movies”.  We brought them home and have been spending afternoons enjoying a bit of nostalgia. 

I had almost forgotten how sweet and precious my kids could be. 😉 Just kidding girls!  We have watched our many trips to the beach, our even more trips to Disney World, unlimited birthday parties, Christmas mornings and even just moments around the house laughing and having fun.  Sometimes, it is those little moments, those times of serendipity that you catch some of the most precious things said by a child.  Today as we were watching, my 11 year old said, “Man, we sure did have a great childhood.”  I just had to smile. 

It is amazing to think that those were taken over 10 or 15 years ago.  Where has the time gone?  As I was watching the videos, I kept having a recurring thought from one of my favorite films;  It’s a Wonderful Life!  We have truly had an amazing life of adventures and so much love. Of course, we have not been nor are we now perfect parents and our home is not a perfect model home by any stretch of the imagination, but one thing is certain, we have a home full of love.  My husband and I have truly given all we have to make sure our girls know that they are loved and that they will always have that love, unconditionally, no questions ask.  They also know that their parents love each other.  We joke sometimes because they will come into a room and their dad and I will be kissing or hugging or something and they will say, “Get a room.” 🙂

I think it is so important that children feel total security in their home, and what could give more security than knowing that you are surrounded by love, knowing that there are people that will always love you and that no matter what the world may throw at you, you can always come home to a house of love, a fortress if you will. 

 I have always truly believed that as long as a child grows up with total love and acceptance and in a home where the parents are still in love as well, they will already have a huge advantage in their life ahead.  It is a very rare thing now-a-days to find a home where love reigns supreme, where there is not constant bickering and where the parents and the kids actually enjoy each others company. 

Please don’t take this to mean that our home is one of those “Norman Rockwell” paintings.  Sometimes we yell, and sometimes we have huge disagreements.  We have siblings that do not get long quite frequently, and we have our moments where timeouts and restrictions are enforced.  But for the most part we enjoy having each other around and we spend a lot of time together.  I hope that my girls have been able to see what a home filled with love looks like and that they will have a model set for themselves to establish their own home one day.  But most importantly, I hope that they have been given the love that they need growing up so that when they are old enough to start looking for a mate, they will in no way be longing for a love that could cause them problems down the road.  I hope they will be so secure in who they are as a woman and as a child of God that their relationships will be just what they need to be.

I guess there really is no better security system for your home than to cover it with the “Ultimate Security Blanket”;  Lots and Lots of LOVE.

Thanks for stopping by 😎

  1. mrs darling says:

    I so agree. A solid loving home gives kids a firm footing and a strong basis when it ocmes time to stand on their own.

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