It’s all about you, Jesus

Posted: May 14, 2008 in musings

I have a confession to make.  I think I love Jesus more than God.  I know that sounds weird, doesn’t it?!?  Maybe not.  I have noticed that when I hear songs about Jesus, especially songs that mention His name, or read about His walk here on earth, I feel a bit of a prick in my heart.  That doesn’t necessarily happen when the word is “God”.  I know what you are thinking, “They are the same person, 3-in-1.”  I know that, but my feeble brain can’t really comprehend the whole Trinity, I can’t really understand how that all works.

I can, on the other hand, understand that there was a man that loved me so much that He willingly left His glorious home and came to walk on this rotten earth only to die a horrific, painful death.  And He chose it, He did it all for love.  That I can wrap my head around.

I know, God set the whole thing in motion, and again, they are 3-in-1, but when I think of GOD, I think of this magnificent being that is so powerful that He merely spoke the universe into existence.  A God that is all-knowing, all-seeing and ever-present;  all those “omni” words that I can’t even figure out how to spell.  All of that is a little hard for me to get a grip on.  I can in no way relate to that.

Don’t you think that it is so precious that God, in His all-knowing way, knew that we as feeble mortals would have a hard time relating to Him, God, creator of the universe.  He knew we would need something simple, something down on our level, something that we could relate too, someone that we would know felt our sorrows, our pains.  Now, before you misunderstand me, I know that Jesus’ purpose was to die a sinless death for our salvation.  I know that.  I am in  NO WAY diminishing that.  I am just looking at the other purposes that He served by becoming human, becoming “like us”.

I am so glad that God knew we would need to see an example, He knew that we would need a tangible figure to look to.  He knew that we are so weak and frail that we would need to see a Man physically enduring our same sorrows and pains in order to be able to turn our life over to Him.  I love this song that speaks about how Jesus has been through the same trials that we have to endure, that He understands our sorrows.

I guess when I think about it, They are “all three” pretty awesome! 😉


  1. mrs darling says:

    What deep thoughts! You know I think its easier to relate to Jesus because He took on hte form of man and lived our lives. But I’ve never thought about seperating the two and thinking about which I loved the most. You certainly do think outside the box! 🙂 Thats a good thing! 🙂

  2. Renae says:

    I remember dealing with similar feelings. I understood Jesus more as a brother. I could relate to that. God was Father though, and that meant I could never please him. When I began to understand what a father’s love really meant, those feeling melted away. Besides, like you said, they are one united in perfect love. Truly amazing.

  3. Karie says:

    I just had to respond to your post. In my belief the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost are 3 distinct beings but in agreement as a whole. I don’t know if my words are making sense, but this is my belief. Please feel free to email me for more info.


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