Hot Flashes and Sleeping in a Wind Tunnel

Posted: June 4, 2008 in family stuff

Since we moved into my parents house, I have not really been sleeping very well.  We live in the middle of about 20 acres, but it is all open field and I guess sound travels really well here.

At night, when all is quiet, you can hear all kinds of strange noises.  We hear lots of dogs barking off in the distance, cars going down the road, sirens blaring, and foxes screaming.  Yes, foxes.  My dad has a lot of chickens and guineas and the foxes have discovered them. 

Back during the winter, we would hear this strange screeching sound and we weren’t really sure what it was.  We went from bobcat to big-foot 😉 then my husband decided it was a fox yelling.  He found the sounds on the Internet and sure enough it was exactly what we were hearing.  We think it might have been a female that had a den of babies down in the woods.  It would keep us up all hours of the night with all of it’s bellowing.

Well, now that fox or foxes, are grown, they have gotten very brave.  At night they come into the yard and just sit there like they are waiting to attack.  My daughter, you know the animal lover, was totally against killing it for a while, but now she has conceded.  My dad bought each of the girls their own baby chicken, so she has moved into “protective parent” mode and wants to protect her baby chicken at any cost.

Back to not being able to sleep.  With all the noise and the yelling foxes, it has been hard for me to get to sleep or stay asleep.  Add to that the fact that I seem to be having some type of heat wave that hits me at night.  Of course, it can’t really be hot flashes, I am way too young for that 😦 !  Well, we are going to call it heat waves anyway!!!  Well, I came up with a plan to solve both problems.  Fans! 

My husband and I now sleep with two fans going in the room.  One small circulating fan and one of those big box fans that sounds like a tornado coming through the room.  Now my hot flashes heat waves have been taken care of and the the sound of our homemade wind tunnel drowns out any outside noise. 

I just hope that there is not any type of emergency at night now, because I am sure that we could not even hear the atom bomb if it went off!

Thanks for visiting! 😎

  1. Kim says:

    We have been sleeping with box fans for twenty years. I don’t think I could sleep without them. We have to take them if we go anywhere. We have one for the kids upstairs and one for us. The louder the better. 🙂

  2. brumbemom says:

    Oh, that’s right. I had forgotten about all of yall’s fans everywhere.

  3. laurenst says:

    We too have been sleeping with box fans for a number of years, though I don’t know for how many…sometimes when the kids were tiny I realized that the fans would drown out any noises & allow them & us to get a good nights rest (and naps). Only thing is that the kids are now weaned off the fans but I am still addicted!

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