Sometime you just have to give up

Posted: June 10, 2008 in randomness

I was watching a show yesterday and something that happened gave me thought.

I will spare you the details, but the gist of it was that the mom was really worried about something through the whole show, then finally in the end she realized that she had been so busy with her own life that she hadn’t even thought about what was troubling her.  At the same time, the problem that she was worrying about was being worked out all on it’s own without her involvement.

I got to thinking… seems like this principle gets lived out all of the time.  The first example I can think of is when a family is having difficulty getting pregnant and then they finally decide to adopt, it seems like more times than not, as soon as the adoption starts happening, the couple ends up pregnant.  I think sometimes we get so wired up or frustrated about certain situations that we aren’t able to look at it with the right perspective or we keep ourselves all in a “tizzy”, so that the situation has no chance of working itself out.

Then of course there is the Christian perspective of God waiting for us to quit trying to “fix” things in our own strength so He can swoop down and save the day 😉 Kinda like the old saying “Let go and let God.”

Oh well, that is my thought for the day.  Maybe I will have a different one for tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by 😎


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