A Bone To Pick

Posted: June 19, 2008 in it's all about me

I am not in a grouchy mood at all today, so I’m not really sure where this is coming from, but I thought I would just share some of my “pet peeves” with you today.  Can you relate?

*  I am very particular about my groceries, I put things on the belt exactly how I want them bagged.  It peeves me to no end for the cashier to sit there and look down the line and grab what she feels she wants to scan next, then all my stuff gets mixed up in the bags and it is a mess when I am trying to put them up.  I especially hate when small items like kool-aid get next to something cold and then the paper gets all soggy.  I HATE THAT.

*  It bugs me when the lights and TV are left on in a room even though the person has left the room.

*  When I speak to one of my children and they ignore me because they have those little earbuds in their ears connected to their ipods and couldn’t even hear me speaking.

*  When shows use the same person to play different roles.  Do they think we are stupid?(I like old reruns of Matlock that come on Hallmark and they have the same girl playing his girlfriend that later is playing his daughter).

*  When someone puts the pitcher back in the fridge with only a miniscule amount of tea left in it.  Remember, we are southerners through and through, so sweet tea is a staple at every meal and it is so annoying to be fixing drinks to sit down to eat and realize that there is no tea in the pitcher.   

*  When someone uses something and doesn’t put it back where it goes.  You know, “A place for every thing and every thing in it’s place.”

Oh well, what can you do?!?

Hakuna Matata


 Ce La Vie(thanks Heidi for the spelling)


No Worries


Well, I can’t really think of any more, but you get the message 😎

  1. Margaret says:

    Hahaha! I know what you mean… especially about the groceries. I track my grocery expenses in categories (meat, dairy, etc) and it’s helpful if everything in the category is together on the receipt. So, I get that one.

    The pitcher, too – around here it’s orange juice!

  2. laurenst says:

    To one of the pet-peeves you mentioned, we call that I-Deaf. If I say something to a kid & they don’t repsond the other 2 say “Mom, they can’t hear you, they are I-Deaf”, at which time I waive my hand in front of their face until they respond…

  3. heiditheophilus says:

    I am with you on the groceries on the belt! That’s why I usually opt for the self-check-out b/c that irritates me for things to be scanned & bagged in the wrong order. Is that an OCD trait?! 😉

  4. brumbemom says:

    Heidi, I prefer self-check too, but when you buy $200-$300 worth of groceries, it really isn’t an option. Also, you are probably right about it being an OCD thing and judging by your comments here and on my post about laundry, atleast we know that we could buy groceries and do laundry together if we ever needed to! 🙂

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