Brumbemom had a great fall

Posted: June 25, 2008 in randomness
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I had the strangest thing happen to me yesterday.

I was at Sam’s buying some groceries. They had a display of these stoneware pots, like you would put out in your yard, sitting at the end of one of the aisles.  They  had them stacked sitting on a wooden pallet, so they weren’t very sturdy(I didn’t realize this until later).  My mother wanted some to put around her pool, so I was trying to get some down.  They were 16 inches in diameter and they were stacked in each other in about 5 feet tall high rows.  They were stuck together, I guess because of the weight of each one, so when I tried to pull out the top one, the whole row came crashing down.  I tried to balance myself and I reached for another row and ended up pulling it down too. 

Long story short, I am laying on my back on the floor of Sam’s with about 20 stoneware pots scattered all around and on top of me.  It was such a surreal moment.  I was embarrassed, shocked and in pain all at the same time.  The first thing that I heard was someone saying, “Are you okay, because you could probably get a settlement out of this.”  That made me quickly jump to my feet and say that I was fine.

I’m not sure why it upset me so much, but the thought that someone would immediately go to that, made me feel sick at my stomach.  I’m not saying that in a very serious circumstance getting a “settlement” wouldn’t be necessary for some people, but the fact that people immediately jump at the chance of suing someone in hopes of getting money for just a simple accident, is beyond me.  I don’t think it is right when there is some sort of “incident” and the first thing people see is $’s.

I wonder if that is part of the reason that our society is in the shape that it is in today.  What kind of values and character are we teaching our kids that they will someday spread to their kids and on and on? 

Well, I am fine this morning.  I have a few black and blue spots on me and I feel pretty sore, but that is pretty much the extent of it. 

This may be a little controversial and you may feel completely different from me, but I hope that we can succeed in trying to live our lives by a certain standard and suing people to get something for nothing is not the way that I want to live or teach my kids to live. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, I know you have some! 😉

  1. scrabblenut says:

    I’m glad you’re okay! How awful!

    I totally agree with you on the frivolous law suits. I think it is one thing to hold a company or person responsible for serious negligence, but entirely another to live your life looking for a way to make a buck at someone elses expense.

    A few years ago, when my middle son was about 2, we were visiting a McDonalds and the big, heavy metal and glass entrance door slammed shut right on his head. Apparently the safety hinge that is supposed to make the door close slowly was broken. If he had walked away from that incident with anything more than bruises, I would have insisted they pay for the medical expenses. But thankfully he was fine. More than a few people said to us, “you know, you should sue.”

  2. kermooch says:

    I also agree. I would hate to be a company these days with sue-happy customers looking for any opportunity to make some money. Accidents happen – sometimes they can be prevented and sometimes they can’t. The sad thing is, that in the end, we’re the ones paying for it through higher prices at the register and court systems that are too clogged up to handle legitimate issues.

    And I’m glad you’re okay – I can feel your pain – both the physical and emotional!

  3. Lyn says:

    well. a free pot would’ve been nice 😉 jk

    it makes me angry too how often people just look for stuff like that. otoh, those who sometimes ought to sue, don’t! life is weird.

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