Nurture or Nature?

Posted: July 11, 2008 in randomness
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I heard this question the other day and I have been tossing it around in my head every since.  Are we products of nurture or nature?  I know the Bible says we are sinners and basically wretched people in need of a Saviour.  I don’t really mean that.  I mean, are we who we are because it is in our nature or because of how we were brought up or what we were exposed to? 

In families, you see children that are as different as night and day.  That would make a strong case for “nature”, but also, kids within the same family do tend to be similar.  That would make a case for “nurture”.  I guess, it is just a mixture of the two. 

We are who we are based on so many things I guess.  Upbringing, I’m sure, has a great deal to do with it.  Values that are instilled in us by our parents will most assuredly affect who we become, but I also know that we end up as adults being extremely different than our parents in a lot of cases.  Environment is another biggie.  What and who we are exposed to definitely affects us in tremendous ways.

The Bible talks in great lengths about how we were formed by God and how He knew us even before we were in our mother’s womb.  That alone is a strong argument for “nature”.  He made each of us in His own image and He knew who and what we would be even before we were conceived.  I think that is a lot to take in.  He made us the way He intended us to be.  Although, we fail and even sin, that doesn’t change the fact that we are still created by Him, for His purpose.  We are each unique and designed by God.  Wow, that’s good stuff! 

I’m not sure though, that we can use that as an excuse when we fail to be all that we can be or when we aren’t loving or giving or patient, “Well, God made me this way, so I guess you just have to accept me the way I am”.  I think He expects us to still try to be the best “us” that we can be.  It bugs me when people say that it is not their “temperament” to be able to help people or to be kind or patient.  I hear alot, “It is just not my “gift”.”   I don’t buy that.  I think being “spirit filled” can make up for a lot of missing “gifts”.  If you don’t like the term “spirit filled”, even a willing and giving heart can make up for missing “gifts” or talents.

Well, that sounded a bit harsh and I’m not sure where it came from.  I guess it was just my “temperament” coming out.(just kidding!)

Nature or Nurture, that is something that I would love to really dive into and really do some exploring about, but this is not the time.  This is just a blog and not a thesis paper, aren’t you glad?!? 😛

Thanks for stopping by 😎

  1. Renae says:

    I agree. Knowing temperament can help us know the areas we are weak in, but that doesn’t give us an excuse not to do better. I have a shy little girl. We continue to teach her to show appreciation for others by acknowledging someone’s greeting. She doesn’t do it always, but we’ll keep working on it.

    And we don’t need to discuss the issues I need to work on. 😉

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