Sometimes my husband just kills me

Posted: July 17, 2008 in marriage/love, randomness, web links
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I probably should have said my husband “cracks me up” instead of “kills me”, but you get the idea. I never ceased to be amazed at the complexities of the male psyche. People say that women are the complex ones and we are hard to figure out, but I beg to differ. Men can be quite unique in their own right as well.

It never fails, anytime we have bought something that has to be put together or anything that comes with directions as to how it should be done, my DH will inevitably say, “This thing is crazy, who writes this stuff, I wonder if they have ever put anything together in their life”. Well, the other day we were watching, Jon and Kate Plus 8 (I love that show), and Jon was putting together some new bunk beds and the same thing happened. He exclaimed, “These directions don’t make any sense. I can do it better without any.” There it was, the male psyche at work. They hate following directions, they are so sure that they know how to do something and reading and following the directions would be some sort of blemish in their armour. God love ’em!

Well, getting to the point of my husband killing me. He recently got a gps. We have affectionately named her, Doris(I can’t really remember why, but we did have reason). Whenever we are going anywhere and we aren’t really sure how to get there, we will plug her in and let her lead the way. Well, more times than not, she will send us down roads that don’t really even exist. Sometimes they are gravel, sometimes they are just plain dirt. My DH heads down these roads, against my urgent protesting, and doesn’t think a thing about it. Why is he so quick to follow this “thing” down an unknown road into who knows what, but he refuses to read directions? I don’t get it! They are definitely unique creatures! 😛


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