Posted: September 24, 2008 in randomness
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There is a new movie coming out this weekend called “Fireproof“.  It is from the creators of “Facing the Giants“.  The lead actress from Fireproof goes to the church that we are attending and she spoke in the Sunday service and told a little about the movie.  It sounds to be amazing.  They are trying to encourage Christians to go out and support this movie this weekend.  We need to send a message to Hollywood that there are people that will go and watch decent, God honoring films.  Movies don’t have to have mass-killings, adultery, sex on every corner, or profane language to be profitable.

I know you are like me when I say that it is almost impossible to find decent shows or movies to watch with your kids without being fearful of what the next scene might produce.  The pastor challenged Christians to go and buy tickets, even if you can’t go to the movie, all Hollywood cares about is the money anyway.  They need to see that this type of movie is in demand and hopefully it will stay out more than just this one weekend if we make our voices heard loud enough.

We sat down and watched “Facing the Giants” again tonight, and I was reminded what a powerful impact that movie delivers.  I can hardly wait to see “Fireproof” this weekend.  From what I have heard, people that have been able to preview it have already had their lives changed for God.  Isn’t it great that such a powerful medium like movies can be turned from Hollywood’s wickedness and be used as a tool for changing lives and bringing people closer to the Truth. 

  1. tnt says:

    Your post is right on–it is so refreshing to see a movie celebrate unconditional love and covenant marriage instead of insulting it or downplaying the struggles couples face when keeping a marriage together and growing.

    My husband and I saw this movie in a prescreening. It really impacted us deeply and we were very touched. Have you seen the great resources for marriage? We got a copy of a Couple’s Kit at the screening; it has a DVD full of clips from the movie and a Bible study for couples to do. (You can do it with a group, but we do it at home together.) We really enjoy it. I found it online at

    Hope this helps! Grab your spouse or your fiancee or your loved one and GO SEE IT!

  2. Casey says:

    We are going to see it Sunday! I can’t wait!

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