Life in Central Florida

Posted: October 1, 2008 in family stuff
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We have been here, in our new location for a few weeks now.  We are starting to get settled in somewhat and are starting to enjoy being in such a diverse and interesting place.

We lived in Central Florida for about a year before, and we are basically in the same area as we were previously, so it is not altogether new.  But over time, I had started forgetting some of the little things that are unique to this locale.  Central Florida is truly a very unique place.

Some of the major differences that I have begun to notice are these; 

– We have traded pine trees for palm trees.  It seems like everywhere you go here, you are surrounded by palm trees. 

– You can drive for miles and miles and never see a Starbucks. 

– Instead of seeing stray dogs, we see gators. Central Florida is a land plentiful with water.  I think the county we live in says they have 554 lakes.  So this mean that everywhere you go, you pass water.  At most of these, if you look carefully, you can spot a gator swimming or laying on the edge of the water.

(Okay, wrong type of Gator, but “Beware” just the same) GO GATORS!

– The people here tend to be extremely laid back.  They rarely get in a hurry and they tend to have a relaxed aura about them.  The banks don’t open on Saturday and they close at 4:00 on weekdays and everyone seems to think this is normal.

– We don’t run into too many people that talk English like we do, especially with the “southern drawl” that we have.  Most people ask us where we are from, like we are the ones talking with an accent or even a foreign language.

– Wildlife is abundant here.  We see so many interesting creatures. 

oops, sorry.  Wrong kind of “wild animals” 😉

Then, of course, there are the sights that are just plain breath-taking, and that is probably the best part about living is Florida.

Yes, I’m trying to become a “Floridian”.  We were able to get our  driver’s license and our tags changed today, so I guess we are on our way.  We have found a church we love, we got our new library cards, we became registered voters(I know FL doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to elections so that should be interesting), we are getting pretty good tans from the never-ending sunshine, and we have realized the only shoes needed are flip flops. Yes, we are starting to realize a new way of life and it is definitely never boring.  I know we will become “true Floridians” before we know it. 😎

  1. G says:

    I just read your blog and saw the pictures. I’ve got “C” outside loading the van. Hope you have room for five more. We’ll see ya’ll in the mornin. 😉


  2. Liese4 says:

    We were in FL in Aug. for a CAP convention. We found lots of non-touristy places like: Davidson of Dundee, Bok tower sanctuary, Maitland art center, Kelly springs, the citrus trower and the rock monument. Have fun exploring your new area!

  3. mal says:

    hey mom love the pics

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