You go girl!

Posted: October 10, 2008 in randomness
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and by “go”, I mean, please get out before it’s too late!!

Now before you start looking for the tar and feathers, please hear me out.

I think I have stated this before;  I am by no means a political activist.  To the contrary, most politicians make me feel sick at my stomach.  They say whatever they think people want to hear and I hate that! 

It seems that we have finally found someone in politics who breaks all the molds, a “real person”, Governor Sarah Palin.  Could it be possible, in politics?  Could there actually be a politician that lives and feels and sees things the way that average, everyday people do and is not afraid to show it?  I didn’t think so……until now. 

But, little by little they seem to be trying to conform her to the mold of a Washington politician.  If she does get swooped into Washington, will she be able to maintain her integrity?  All evidences would prove to the contrary.  I still think it has been good for politics in general to see how a “real” person can come on the scene and make an impact.  You don’t have to be a puppet on a string that has all the right colloquialisms and know all the “Washington” lingo to be successful and popular. 

No matter what the outcome is, Sarah Palin has definitely brought new life and integrity to a desolate land of fakes and robots; politics.

But, to be on the safe side, all I can say is “Run, Sarah, run.”


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