Parallel Parking

Posted: October 28, 2008 in randomness

I just love our new library down here.  It has only been open for a few months and it is very clean and big and very well organized.  It is easy to get books in that you order and the workers are pretty friendly, at least for Florida anyway.  It is in a little village type area.  You have to drive around a traffic circle that is almost “cobblestone street” like and the shade of palm trees give way to nice shadows and give the effect of being is an out-of-the-way little town.  It is in reality accross the street from a Walmart, but it gives the essence of being in your own little world.

We have always been quite a drive from our library and it was never really convenient to go on the spur of the moment, but this is less than a mile a way.  It has been a pleasant surprise to our location.

The one negative I have found though, is the parallel parking.  All of the close parking spots are parallel parking spots.  The regular parking in quite a walk and with the amount of books we usually have it can be diffucult.  I have not parallel parked since I took my driving test 26 many years ago and I really don’t want to attempt it now.  So I am usually the one lugging a huge armful of books out across the parking lot.  I have been tempted to try my skills at the close parking, but I really don’t need a claim on my insurance right now 😉 .  So I will continue to enjoy the nice little walk and just be thankful that I have such a nice library that is so close to my house.

  1. I’m with you. We’re living in a small town with parallel parking after spending our lives in suburbia with its parking lots. I find I’m getting lots more exercise walking from the parking lot on the edge of the downtown shopping district to the bank, the post office, the library, etc., all of which have parallel parking right in front of them. 🙂

    PS I have an old, long minivan with tinted windows that are hard to see out of….that’s my excuse!

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