Such a disappointment!

Posted: November 4, 2008 in randomness

I had so looked forward to today.  I had purposely not voted early because I like the idea of being out in the trenches on the big day.  My husband didn’t have to be at work until the afternoon, so I just thought we would make a whole little excursion of  the voting process.  I had anticipated waiting in a long line, enjoying listening to what all the other people were talking about and then finally getting up to the polls and casting my ballot exercising our rights as an American citizen to let our voice be heard.  You know, being a part of the great democracy that is American politics 😉 .

Well, I have never had such an anti-climatic let down.  My daughter and I worked the polls in Georgia for a while, so I knew the process and was educated on the different laws of election day and how things work with all the extreme security and what not.  Well, this is our first election is Florida and it was quite different to say the least.  Our election post was in a clubhouse at a retirement village, so that alone was odd for me, then we pulled up and there were no lines anywhere, no people standing outside and no sense of anticipation at all.  We entered and there was a table with several workers waiting to help us.  They looked through this huge binder to find our name and then had us sign our name and “practice coloring in our bubble”.   I didn’t even know they did that anymore.  They handed us a ballot and a pencil and we walked to a small booth and filled in our circle of choice. 

We were used to an all electronic voting process with many steps and much more “red tape”, but this was so totally different.  We were in and out of there in a matter of a couple of minutes, my huge anticipation depleted.  It was such a disappointment 😦 .

Oh well, I guess that is just par for the course in this whole election season.

What can you do?!? 😎

  1. G says:

    What can you do?!? Duh! You live in Orlando. You go outside and lay in the sun!!! 😎


  2. brumbemom says:

    G, it’s not always sunny here. Election day was cool and rainy. 😎

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