My giving of thanks

Posted: November 27, 2008 in it's all about me, randomness
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On this day of Thanksgiving, I wanted to express my heart’s thankfulness for the many blessings that I have in my exuberantly full life.

I am entirely and utterly thankful for:

– My God, the one who knows what I need even before my feeble mind can conceive it

– My God, the one who loves me beyond comprehension

-My God, who gives to me each day the joy of His companionship

-My God, the creator and Saviour of the world, who willingly gave up His most beloved to save my life

-My God, who has filled my life with people who give me more love than anyone ought to be allowed to have

-My God, whose blessings are based on His love for me not on my actions 

-My God, who is and gives everything that is needed in this life

Thank you Father for a life filled with love, hope and joy.  I could ask for nothing more.

-Oh yeah, I am also thankful for my most favorite kind of candy that you can only get this time of year.  Those little pretzels that are covered with white chocolate and then drizzled with little holiday colors and come in those large tubs so you are sure to have plenty to share or NOT 😉 . 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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