The pin-ball game of life

Posted: January 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I feel like my life is a pin-ball game.  You know, I am thrust into a situation and I just react.  I am bounced from one obstacle to another and I just go whichever way I am shot.  I don’t take the time to actually sit and ponder and make wise decisions, I just decide as quickly as possible what action needs to be done to alleviate the immediate problem. 

I am discouraged at living life in this manner.  I want my life to be more like a game of chess.  (I don’t actually play chess, but I have seem how matches usually go on tv)  One player makes a move and the other carefully contemplates what his next move should be.  They take enough time to predict what the opponents next move will be and use all their knowledge and skill to determine what reaction is the most advantageous for them. 

I am not comfortable with playing in the “pin-ball” mode.  I feel like I rarely take the time to actually sit and look at things long term.  A situation arises and I quickly try to extinguish it.  I have noticed that more and more my life seems to be at this pace.  The day-to-day ministry of raising children, educating children, cleaning house, fixing meals, being a help-meet, making sure everyone needs is met, etc. can lead to this kind of mentality, the pin-ball game. 

I want to consciously make a decision to not allow that kind of irresponsible attitude to saturate my soul.  Everyday is a new day and must be lived on purpose.  The days slip by ever so quickly and before we know it, we have lived our life by just reacting to our circumstances instead of creating them. 

Like many, many others, I had read Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, a few times years ago.  I recently discovered it on my bookshelf and have been reading some of it again.  I knew it would give me a clearer outlook on how to make my life more than just a game of pin-ball. 

It  truly is wonderful to know that there is an all-knowing eye that already has a path laid out for us, if only we will have the good sense to follow it.  We don’t have to simply react to obstacles and circumstances, we can be on a determined path and keep our mindset on the end goal.  All the side shows that pop up around us are simply that, side shows.  They actually have little to do with our purpose. 

I pray that in this next year, I will be more determined to keep my eye on the things that matter, the things that are of eternal value and not be bounced to and fro by the obstacles that pop up from time to time. 


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