Happy Birthday “Lou”

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, what can I say, but, “My how time just keeps flying by”.

My middle child is turning 16 today.  Yes, I said 16.  Luckily, she is on the same page as me and my DH on the driving issue.(We think 16 is far too young to behind the wheel of a car all alone.)  She will attempt to get her Learner’s permit, but that is it.

My middle child….Macey.  What can I say about her?  She is truly a delight to be around.  She loves to make people smile, and she has such a quick wit about her.  She loves being surrounded by her friends and is as loyal a person as you could ever meet.  She feels very deeply about things and always goes the extra mile to make sure those special to her know how much they are loved.

She is a very talented writer and aspires to do something in that area professionally one day.  She also loves sports and is very athletic.  She is my only child that enjoys keeping her room clean and tidy and has a keen sense of decorating and personalizing her space.

So, to my beautiful daughter, I love you, Lou(I have always called her “Lou” for reasons that escape me at this moment).  You are a true giver, encourager, and truly special soul.  I hope your “Sweet Sixteen” is everything that you dream it to be.  Thank you for giving me such joy and fullness as a Mommy.

Happy Sweet 16!



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