Are you numb?

Posted: January 30, 2009 in musings, Uncategorized

You know how sometimes when you hear a story on the news about a senseless tragedy, a prayer request at church for someone who has lost a loved one, or you watch one of those sappy movies on tv that are meant to be real tear-jerkers…….and suddenly you realize that you didn’t feel a thing.

You used to develop this lump in your throat or feel this pain deep down in the pit of your stomach and you would fight back the tears that seemed inevitable.  But that was then, now you hear all the heartaches about other people’s lives and although you may feel a passing pity or sorrow for them, you rarely lose any sleep over it.

Or, on the other side of the coin;  it used to pain you tremendously when you heard about sin running rampant in our society, or men of God falling out of touch with their creator.  When we hear the number of millions of innocent babies that are being killed each year, or see tv shows protraying ungodly living as just the norm for this day and age, we used to be outraged.  But now, we take it with a grain of salt.

None of this may ring true with you, but I know for me, it is often common place.  I don’t like not “feeling”, I want to be crushed in my spirit when I hear of other’s sorrows, or see God being treated as just another in a long line of religions. 

I recently heard a song by Trace Adkins that speaks to this very issue.

If you’re telling me I’m not on fire, you’re just preaching to the choir.

I’ve gotten dull as old barb wire from livin’.

Last night I watched the evening news, it was the same old nothing new, it should have cut me right in two, but it didn’t.

I just want to feel something, something that’s real, something that moves me that proves to me I’m still alive.

I want a heart that beats and bleeds, a heart that’s busting at the seams,

I want to care, I want to cry, I want to scream….I just want to feel something.

My prayer is that I will be touched by the sorrows of others and feel repulsion at sin being treated with humor.  I want anger, outrage and grief to be the emotions of my soul when I think of a lost and dying world who wants to push God out every chance they get.  May we all just “FEEL SOMETHING”!


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