Skipping an hour

Posted: March 7, 2009 in it's all about me, randomness

As everyone knows, this weekend we will skip forward an hour.  An hour in our life, that will simply not exist.  In honor of this event, I thought I would write about an hour that I wish I could have skipped.

It happened a few weeks ago.  Let me set the stage……..I have always been an extremely independent person.  But the older I get, I find myself being more and more reliant upon my husband.  I don’t like doing things without him and I sometimes feel a little lost or awkward when he is not around and I am having to attend an event without him.

A few weeks ago, my girls and I were going to an event and my husband had to work.  My older girls were working at the event so they were busy with their own things, and my younger daughter was surrounded by all her friends and clearly did not want ‘ole Mom hanging around.  There were probably several hundred people there, but I didn’t really see anybody that I knew, or at least knew well enough to go up to and start a conversation with.  So I awkwardly just kind of stood around not really talking or participating in anything.  It was an awful feeling.  I just kept looking at my watch wishing time would suddenly go into super speed so I could get out of there. 

I have never really had such an experience.  It was truly odd and one of the most miserable predicaments I can remember being in in a long time.  I truly would not want to relive it under any circumstance.  After about an hour, it was finally time for me to leave.  I’m not sure why this happened and why I couldn’t seem to find a safe haven in an environment that was definitely not hostile, but quite familiar.  Maybe I am just strange or maybe I was just having a bad night, or maybe I just really need my “big strong man”, yea, that sounds good, we’ll go with that 😉 .

So, what about you.  Has there been an hour that you would have liked to skip?

Thanks for stopping by 😎


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