entering the work force?

Posted: April 8, 2009 in it's all about me

I have recently decided that I need to start trying to earn some extra income.  My dear hubby works more than anyone should have to work and so I want to start trying to help out a little bit with the income.

Ideally, I would love to find something to do from home so I could still be here with my kids and not have to worry about schedule conflicts.  I found a position on line and went to apply for it.  The first step, of course, was to send them a resume’.  That kind of threw me for a loop.  I felt a little chuckle coming as I prepared to type up a resume’.  Imagining what on earth I would put on it.  You see, my friends, I have not had a “real” job, one where I needed to fill out an application or send in a resume’ in over 18 years. 

As I stared at the blank page, wondering what I could possibly include that would make me appear to be as asset to any company, I felt quite a sense of fulfillment come over me.  My last 18 years have been far more valuable and far more beneficial that anything that could ever put down on a resume’.  I have been a Wife and Mother.  It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Anyway, I did manage to put together something and I sent in the resume’ and low and behold, the company contacted me a few days later and wanted me to move on to the next step through a more extensive application process.  I filled out the papers, which were more like a personality profile than anything else, and now I am waiting to see what happens next.

It has been several days since I last heard from them, and since then, my computer, which would be my source of working, has decided to die on me again.  Could this be a sign?!?  Should I just be sticking to what I know best, “Marriage and Motherhood”.  Oh well, if God wants me to have a job, then He can give me one and probably even fix my computer too 😉 .

(Ironically, when I first enrolled in college, that was the title of my major, “Marriage and Motherhood” seriously, it was.  The college I attended was a little “odd” to say the least)

Thanks for stopping by 😎

  1. deldobuss says:

    But you have been so much more than that! Education Director (or at least assistant!), Finance Manager, Activities Director!

    It amazes me how much real experience you get from homeschooling kids that you would never get at college!

    I enjoyed your post today, and pray that you will find something to bring in a little extra income!

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