I love homeschool curriculum!

Posted: April 14, 2009 in homeschooling

I must say that I love homeschool curriculum.  I love to browse through catalogs, and I love to go to websites to see what’s new out there in the area of homeschooling.  I think I may even love it a bit too much.  I am already thinking that I only have 2 kids now who are schooling and how will I possibly try all the new stuff with only 2 kids.  Fortunately for me, my kids are great at humoring me and are willing to try whatever I throw at them, for the most part anyway. 

I got my new CBD Homeschool sale catalog in the mail the other day.  It is my favorite catalog that I get.  I love that it has pretty much any curriculum that I would want to look at right there all in one place.  Their prices are usually very good too.  I am already marking the products that I want to further investigate and am more and more excited with each turn of the page.

We are heading into my most anticipated time of the year and I can hardly contain my excitement at what the next couple of months hold.  The conventions start in a few weeks and then, once all the decisions are made, starts all the lesson planning.  Don’t you just love those weeks of receiving all your new stuff and starting all the planning that goes along with it.  I do!  It is the highlight of my year.

I don’t know if it is because my oldest is graduating this year, but I am feeling the urgency to spread my wings and go out of my comfort zone with my curriculum choices, especially with my youngest daughter.  It is my nature to go the textbook route, because it is nice and neat and tidy and that has “me” written all over it.  She has such a free spirit and I know that I usually try to contain it as best as I can and it has not always work to my benefit, and most of all her benefit.  I want to find something that will let that spirit soar, not ground it.

I have been looking down the path of Sonlight, but I just cannot seem to get my head around it.  I know it is always voted as the the #1 curriculum used by homeschoolers, but I just can’t understand the catalog and it seems to be quite pricey as well.  Maybe I am just dense, but I sure could use some input from those who have used it. 

 I have also thought about just doing “Unit Studies” with her.  So far, I have found a lot of material that is free that could be used for that.  Well, whatever I decide, I know I will enjoy planning it and trying to figure it all out.  I am excited just sitting here writing about it.  I think I will sign off and get my catalogs out right now!

Thanks for stopping by 😎

  1. deldobuss says:

    I feel your enthusiasm! I have been browsing the Sonlight catalog that just arrived yesterday.

    We do not use Sonlight, but I use their book lists to pick read-out-louds for our family.

    Here are my thoughts: Sonlight is more expensive to start with, but you are buying very little consumable material. You are buying quality books with great pictures that your family will enjoy for years to come. On the other hand, I find it easy like you to go the workbook route at times, especially because reading out loud for every subject hurts my throat!

    I would go with Sonlight, if we had the money and I had the organization skills. For now, I put together my own curriculum out of used and discount items. But I do splurge on a few Sonlight titles every year to read for literature units. This year we read Mr. Popper’s Penguins and The Phantom Tollbooth. In the past we have read Paddle To The Sea, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and The White Stallion of Lipizza.

    I guess another reason I have not gone fully with Sonlight is they seem to be a very history-oriented curriculum. I did not enjoy history until I was an adult (and I still have to be in the mood for it), and maybe it was from the boring classes I had to sit through. However, my oldest daughter and I tend to be very science oriented, and we have put off history until she gets a little older and can enjoy it more.

    My youngest is only 4, and loved our Knights & Castles study because of the Medieval Fashion, so maybe she will be the history buff that will push us to go Sonlight all the way!

  2. loved sonlight, I used it with the two oldest when they were in third and fifth. I would probably still be using it if I didn’t have so many to school. I found it difficult the more I added to our school, but with one I would say go for it.

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