God, a great conversationalist

Posted: April 20, 2009 in encouragement, musings

I usually do not consider my self a good conversationalist.  I am horrible at small talk and I much prefer listening to talking.  I guess I like knowing more about people than they know about me 😉 .  For the most part, I find others conversation very interesting.  I enjoy hearing their opinions about things and how they see the world.  I have learned that although I think that I am pretty “mainstream”, often times when I just observe and listen to those around me, I realize how “odd” I actually am.  And that’s okay.  I really like the idea of having all sorts of people in my life that do not necessarily see things the way I see them.  It adds color and adventure to what might otherwise be very dull.

I may generally choose to listen more than I talk, but that is not always the case, especially in my prayer life.  I have noticed that I tend to do most of the talking in this particular time of my day.  The other morning, I tried to make a conscious effort to change this.  I laid out some petitions before God and then just listened to what He had to say.  After a minute or two, we were engaged in the most intriguing conversation.  Now hold on a minute, I am not saying that I physically heard the voice of God.  It was more like a “communing” of His spirit with mine.  I would say something and almost immediately, I would sense the Spirit speaking back to me.  Of course, I have had that experience many times where I knew God was speaking, but none so sincere where I knew that He was actually just spending some time with me.  We truly had quite a special time of simply just “being together”.

I know that this may seem a bit “extreme”, and some may have deep theological truths that shun this type of engagement with the Almighty God, but all I know is that I enjoyed the closeness and the intimacy that we had there in those early morning hours.  I plan on making myself “shut up” more often and just listen to what my Father may have to say to me that day.  I love the verse that says, “Be still and know that I am God” and I certainly don’t want to miss Him because I was too busy talking.

Thanks for stopping by 😎


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