I need a vacation from “life”; I think I’ll go to work

Posted: May 7, 2009 in family stuff

I know, I know, a bit dramatic?!?

Well, the month of May promises to hold all the drama that one could stand.  Let’s see…..youngest daughter becoming a teenager, oldest daughter graduating, middle daughter starting basketball practice a couple of nights a week at a gym about an hour away, trying to finish up the school year, making decisions about colleges and financial aid, going to homeschool convention and deciding what curriculum to buy for next year and how I can buy it for the least amount of money as possible, and if that weren’t enough….boyfriends are entering the picture for the first time ever!

Well, my momentary escape from all of this is going to work for the first time in 18 years.  Although it is a “work at home” position, it is not nearly as leisurely as it sounds.  It basically consists of me shut up in my room with my headset phone thingy and my computer for 8 hours at a time talking to customers and taking their reservations.

It really is interesting though and for those 8 hours, I am not thinking about what curriculum to buy, how we will pay for college, how I will survive a house with 3 teenager girls, or how to put a “hit” out on the boys that are determined to chase after my beautiful daughters 😉 , etc.  For those hours, I am happily thinking about how I can help these customers plan a delightful camping trip.  It really is quite an escape, and I get paid to do it!

Thanks for stopping by 😎


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