the country girl and the city girl

Posted: September 14, 2009 in family stuff

Since we have been living in Florida, we have lived pretty much in the “country”.  I use that term loosely, since it means different things to different people.  We have been living away from the heart of the happenings.  We live across from cow pastures, trees are rampant and we see all sorts of wildlife on a regular basis.  That to me is Florida “country”.  The down side to that is we have to drive 30 miles to get pretty much anywhere we go (except Disney).  We have been looking to move closer into the city so we can cut down on drive time and gas expense. 

We have spent months upon months trying to find the right house.  “House hunting” use to be one of my favorite pastimes, but NOT anymore.  I hope to make this move and never have to look for another house again.  After so many months of driving around we found a house, well a more accurate description would be, a house practically fell into our lap.  

It is in an area that we had not even been looking, but when we happened upon it, I immediately knew that it would be the perfect location.  Our new address will be Orlando, and it is pretty much the opposite of the “country” life we have been living so far.  We will be within walking distances of shops and restaurants, sidewalks are everywhere and walking seems to be an everyday occurence.  We will live just off of what appears to be “yard sale” road.  Every Friday and Saturday there is a huge abundance of yard sale signs up and down the street and you could pretty much go “junkin” till your heart’s content.  We will only be minutes from our church and other areas that we frequent on a regular basis.  There are many parks only a few miles away and one thing I can say for Florida is that they put those enormously high property taxes to good use because they have some of the nicest parks that we have seen.  My girls are appreciating the fact that we will have a Starbucks and a Books-A-Million only a mile or so away.  I am appreciating that I now will only have a few miles to drive to get to the things that seem to be the cornerstones of my life.

I know there will be many advantages to living in the “city” compared to country life.  Although, I’m sure we will miss some of the peace and tranquility of the quiet nights here, seeing the 2 huge owls that sit atop the light posts out front looking down on us with those glaring eyes each night when we take the dog out, the raccoons that seem to stalk the neighborhood, the many birds that greet each morning’s light with their sometime extremely loud squawk, the infinite number of giant frogs and lizards that scatter when you open the door, and the unseen but heard creatures that roam in the trees/swamp land behind our house. 

When we met with the owner of the new house, over the weekend, I asked him about wildlife.  He said yes, they have wildlife.  They often see squirrels and he once saw a cardinal :-O

Yes, there will definitely be some changes in store for this country girl, turned city girl.

Thanks for stopping by 😎

  1. Amy Clarke says:

    Ooh….yard sale road? Count me in. Does this new house have a guest bedroom? 🙂 Seriously, sounds very cool to me. I absolutely LOVE being close to things and would love to be able to walk to shops and restaurants. A condo in the city would please me just fine!

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