Are we there yet……

Posted: September 27, 2009 in musings

I turned 43 a few weeks ago, and  I know this may seem insignificant to those readers who are much older, but growing “older” has been an adventure for me lately.  As I approach this season, I realize, at age 43, I have only lived out about half of my life(according to statistics).  I said ONLY 1/2 of my life. 

I think that so many times, we get older and our kids start leaving the nest and we think, “Well, I have done what I was supposed to do.  I’ve raised my kids and now it’s time to take it easy.”  None of mine have actually left the nest yet, but I can sense the coming tide just over the horizon and know that it will be here in the blink of an eye.  I feel excited about my life as an “adult”, not as just a Mother.  I know there is so much that God has planned, yet for me to do.  I want to look at the future with anticipation realizing that my purpose still lies out there;  there is still much left to accomplish.

In my reading, I came upon a verse that spoke to me, Proverbs 27:25, “After the hay is harvested, the new crop appears.”  Now, I’m sure this verse in no way references what I am talking about, but to me it did.  This says to me that once we have “harvested”, God is right there ready to give us our next “crop”.  We can never just sit back and say, “Well, I’ve done what I needed to do and now it is time to just take it easy and let someone else do the work for a while.”  There is always more to be done for God.  We have such a small amount of time here on this earth to gather people for God’s harvest.  We need to constantly be “on the job” until Jesus comes again.

We may have “harvested some hay”, but the “new crop” is right there under the soil ready to spring up and demand our attention. 

Thanks for stopping by 😎


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