the silent Tiger

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

I must begin this by saying, please do not get the wrong idea about our stature in life.   We live in an extremely modest 30-year-old neighborhood, but it just happens to be situated right around the corner from the neighborhood of Tiger Woods.  The past few days have been like a circus around here.  The news people with their big trucks and cameras are everywhere.  Our days have been filled with the constant humming of the helicopters hovering overhead trying to get even a glimpse of Tiger or his family.  In my opinion it has gotten absolutely ridiculous!

Why do we think we have the right to know or even care for that matter?  We all have our conclusions about what must happened at Mr. Woods home.  But who do we think we are to make such determinations about someone’s life.  Even if all the speculations are true….I know I have had disputes with my hubby before( Although I may not have chased him with a golf club……I probably thought about it a time or two 😉 ) and you have had disputes too.  Would we want them aired for all the world to see? Of course not!  Then why do we think we have the right to know about the Woods’ private life?

He is just an athlete who happens to be exceptional in his field.  They are just a family like you and me who just happen to have gotten a lot of money.  Why are Americans so “star struck” and hang on every act and word that comes from these celebrities?

Because we live in a very tourist area, we have seen our share of celebrities and my girls have had their pictures made with some of them, but I hope that we have not put them on any sort of pedestal and made them appear that they are no more than what they are……simply a person created by God just like you and me.

My daughter and I were in Publix last night and I told her that I’m sure this is where Mrs. Woods would come to buy groceries.  But is she even able to do that?  Certainly not now.  Wouldn’t it be a terrible life to know that you were under constant surveillance and had no private life whatsoever?  I know the millions of dollars would help ease the blow somewhat, but not really.  We have seen time and time again how money is definitely not the road to happiness and how most truly happy contented people are the ones who live very meager lives and have very little by the world standards.

I have found myself feeling very sorry for the Woods family this week.  How terrible this episode must be for them and their children.  Whatever may or may not have happened, their private lives have been put on display and have been judged by the whole world and no one deserves that.  I respect Tiger for keeping his mouth shut and not allowing the media to have the most intimate details of his family’s life.  It really is none of our business.  He has paid his fine for the accident and now we need to move on and pray that this family is able to survive this tragedy and get their life back.

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  1. Lisa Massie Tomlins says:

    Great thoughts, Michele! I agree whole-heartedly with you. They need privacy to help heal whatever is going on. We do need to pray for them — they probably do not know the Lord and what He has done for them.

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