I could have missed the pain with the sacrifice of the dance

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I must begin by stating that I give full inspirational credit for this post to my friend, Kerri.  Her end of the year post was so thought-provoking, that I was inspired with some ponderings of my own.

Just like everyone else, my life has been home to many heart-aches over the years.  Some were just momentary set backs while others were the epitome of a broken heart that has yet to fully recover. 

While in the depths of despair and pain, if asked if I would choose to bypass the trial, of course my answer would be yes.  Yet in looking back those same trials have produced some of the most meaningful events in my life.

In my Junior year of college, I suffered a horrible setback that forced me to have to leave the college I loved and go back home.  At the time, I viewed this as the end and wanted nothing more from life.  I will save you from the dramatic details, but within a few months of my return home I happened upon this remarkable man who would only 9 months later become my husband and lead me into a life of love and joy that I could have only imagined for myself.  I could have missed the pain of my collegiate heart-break but would have probably missed my soul mate as well.

Years later, my Dad would be in a horrific car accident and suffer massive brain damage and almost lose his life.  Those months of rehab and adjustments were painful and draining both mentally and physically on our family and we almost succumb to the pain on a few occasions, but we fought our way through.  Growing up my dad was an extremely stern and hard man and we rarely saw eye to eye on anything.  His brain damage changed his personality in such a way that, although he still has tremendous physical limitations, he became a warm and caring man with whom I now have a close relationship.  I could have missed the struggle sitting in the hospital week after week and then helping he and my mom somehow put their life back together after the accident, but I would have missed the joy of finally having a relationship with my Dad.

A few years ago, my husband and I had an unspeakable family event occur.  I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say lives were shattered and relationships were torn apart.  The heart break was so literal that I felt actual pain when the reality of the situation actually hit me.  And although a full recovery has yet to be made, there were many positive changes that occurred from this tragedy.  Just to speak from a personal perspective, I know that I am a different person from having gone through this valley.  I have become more aware of others and their feelings and have learned to accept people for who they are and look for their strengths more so than their weaknesses.

These three examples are only a few instances from my history that I would have enthusiastically chosen to skip if given the chance, but oh the “dances” that have come from them that I would have missed.  One brought me out of a spiritual fog and set me on the path of truth showing me the God who loves more than we can imagine. One gave me a true appreciation for the brevity of life and how we must let others know how we feel before our chance is gone.  And one brought me to where I am in life both physically and emotionally.

The years of pain and joy, failures and triumphs have brought me a wonderful life surrounded by people I love and who love me back.  The short of the matter is this, my history has gotten me to my present and that is to be celebrated!

Thanks for stopping by 😎


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