my journey to preschool

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are times in my life when I am completely overcome by the Holiness and Sovereignty of God.  Times when all I want to do is fall on my knees or sit in “sackcloth and ashes” to exhibit my total humility to God for His unconditional love and care for me.

But then there are those times when God totally amuses me.  Times when things occur and I just have to say “I hear ya God”.  Kind of like mine and God’s own little “inside joke”.

I recently had one of those moments……….About a month or so ago, I received an email from my church stating that the current preschool directors were stepping down and if I had any interest in the position, please contact the church office.  To be quite honest, I’m not really 100% sure what all the email said, due to the fact that I briefly scanned it, hit delete, and said to myself, “Good luck trying to find somebody to take that job.”

Can you tell where this is headed……….

About a week later, I received another email, this one a bit more specific, addressed directly to me.  Again, I hit delete, without much hesitation.  A few days later, I received a phone call asking if I had gotten the email and if I thought I might be interested in the position.  Again, I quickly hit delete……(no I didn’t, remember this is a phone call…just checking to see if you’re paying attention), I quickly said, “I don’t think so” and ended the call.  Yes, occasionally I REALLY am that clueless as to what God is saying and He has to, metaphorically of course, slap me upside the head.

As I placed the phone back on the base, I literally felt like I couldn’t breathe.  Like a 1000lb. weight had been dropped on my heart.  I grabbed the phone and dialed the church office and said that I would at least like to meet with the Pastor and get some additional info about the position.

Well, long story short………I am now the Director of Preschool Ministries at my church.

I recently told someone that I have come to the realization that one distinct way I can tell if God is leading me in a particular direction is, if it is in an area that I would NEVER have even given a second thought about, then that is usually what God wants for me.  He likes to challenge me that way, or maybe that He likes showing me how naive I am to limit myself to only certain things that are totally in my comfort zone and on my radar of where I see myself.

Yes, He has done it again, and all I have to say is, “Good one, God.”

Thanks for stopping by 😎

  1. Kerri says:

    This made me smile 🙂 I always said that I didn’t want to work in the kids hall because I was with my kids all day, everyday and like you, I now find myself as a large group leader…down the kids hall 🙂 You’ll be great!

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