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“What are you looking at?”

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Having been born and raised in the heart of the Bible-belt during the time when “legalism” was at its highest, I realize that my perspective is probably a bit different from a lot of folks.

I really can’t remember a day growing up that “Christianity” wasn’t at the core of my everyday life.  It is ingrained deep into my soul and most of my life choices and experiences are filtered through that reality.

Don’t get me wrong, even for a second, I’m in no way degrading that.  I’m just setting the stage for my thoughts to follow.

In the “Christian World” we are set up to look to the leaders of our day.  Our pastors, our youth leaders, our evangelists, our women speakers, our book authors, etc…. those are the ones that we most often follow and, in many ways, become our gods. 

Throughout the Bible, God reinforces the fallacy of this kind of thinking.  He says over and over, “Don’t put your confidence in men”, but we don’t listen.  We want to put them on a pedestal thinking that we are to follow them blindly and that they are immune to satan and can do no wrong.

The problem with this is that they are all sinners.  No better, no worse, just ALL sinners.  Just like you and me.

In my 46 years of life.  I have seen MANY a “man/woman of God” fail and crumble in both public and private shame.  Men and women, who over the years, have been my guides, teachers, examples, etc. have come to know the depths of failure and sin and have lost everything that they spent their lives trying to build.

There have been times when these realities have destroyed me and have sent me “reeling” into depths of disbelief and discouragement.   Even with a latest headline, someone who I at one time had huge respect for, I struggle with these demons.  My mind wants to say that if these pillars of the Christian faith can’t stand, then why do we even try. 

Then I am reminded, with that still small voice, “I’ve never failed you.  I’ve never disappointed you.  I will NEVER let you down.  Follow me, not them.”

Thank you Jesus!

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