today is my “new birth” day

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36 years ago, today, February 23, 1974, my new life began. 

I was sitting in a revival service in Mableton, Georgia.  When the sermon was over and the invitation began, I felt as though my heart would explode if my feet did not move.  I grabbed my cousin, who was sitting next to me (love you Shash) and pulled her to the altar with me.  There I gave my heart and life to Jesus. (tears gather in my eyes as I type that sentence).  “Giving your heart and life” to another person;  WOW! that is liberating! 

I remember the feelings that engulfed me afterward so vividly, even now.  After the service, everyone was just standing in the parking lot talking about where we might go get a bite to eat or something.  I remember thinking, “How can you be talking about such silly things?  Do you not realize what just happened to me?!?”

Even as a child at the age of 7, I knew that my life had been radically changed.  I have gone through some extremely rough valleys in my Christian walk and have failed more than succeeded, but MY God has been faithful and I owe everything I am and ever will be to HIS miraculous metamorphosis of this wicked prone to fail flesh.

He is the love of my life and I truly want nothing more from my time here than to worship Him, serve Him and make an impact on others for Him.

Thank you Father for rescuing this old sinner at such an early age and for continuing to rescue her each and every day!

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the pen is mightier than the sword

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Why is it easier to write things down than to speak them?  Is that true for everyone?  I know it is for me, but I may be making a false assumption.  I love the written word.  I can express feelings and frustrations with little effort on paper, but verbalizing them would be extremely difficult.  Why is that? 

I have been using facebook for quite sometime now and I enjoy the technology that enables me and my family to keep up with friends and family whether far or near.  But sometimes I have been taken back by the lack of restraint in some of the posts.  I read some things and it is obvious that there may be more behind the words than is expressed.  Almost like a hidden meaning.  Some may even be a little offensive. 

I guess there may be a “new found” courage that comes along with knowing you can simply type a few lines and send it out there into the web-world and not really have to give account for what has been expressed.  I think we would all benefit from remembering that words are powerful both written and spoken and we are all responsible for those words and their outcome.  May we all write/speak words that bring about positive results;  words that encourage and uplift.  Words can mend or break, build up or tear down, leave the reader with a smile or a frown.

Let’s choose mending, building and smiling!!

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I think I mentioned before that we have just recently been engrafted into the boyfriend thing with our daughters.  I am appreciative that we have been able to avoid it this long, but also happy that there are many good boys around that my daughters can be friends with.  We recently went through our first “break-up” and I’m sure my daughter and her boyfriend have been saddened, but I’m not really talking about their feelings here, I am talking about MINE 😉 ! 

I think I must love deeper than the average person, because this has been a little hard for me to deal with.  I know that I tend to be an “all or nothing” kind of person.  Meaning, that I do not have the capacity to do things less that 100%.  I am either in all the way or I prefer to not to get involved at all.  So, when someone comes into our lives, I immediately accept them as part of my family and love them accordingly.  Well, when suddenly this person is not part of that inner circle…..well, I am a bit heart broken. 

I would like to learn from this experience and not allow myself to get emotionally connected to people that come into our lives, but I just don’t think I am capable of that.  I am sure that God definitely chose the wrong person to be the mother of 3 daughters.  I know this old heart is not going to be able to withstand the many heartbreaks that inevitably lie ahead.

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I must begin by stating that I give full inspirational credit for this post to my friend, Kerri.  Her end of the year post was so thought-provoking, that I was inspired with some ponderings of my own.

Just like everyone else, my life has been home to many heart-aches over the years.  Some were just momentary set backs while others were the epitome of a broken heart that has yet to fully recover. 

While in the depths of despair and pain, if asked if I would choose to bypass the trial, of course my answer would be yes.  Yet in looking back those same trials have produced some of the most meaningful events in my life.

In my Junior year of college, I suffered a horrible setback that forced me to have to leave the college I loved and go back home.  At the time, I viewed this as the end and wanted nothing more from life.  I will save you from the dramatic details, but within a few months of my return home I happened upon this remarkable man who would only 9 months later become my husband and lead me into a life of love and joy that I could have only imagined for myself.  I could have missed the pain of my collegiate heart-break but would have probably missed my soul mate as well.

Years later, my Dad would be in a horrific car accident and suffer massive brain damage and almost lose his life.  Those months of rehab and adjustments were painful and draining both mentally and physically on our family and we almost succumb to the pain on a few occasions, but we fought our way through.  Growing up my dad was an extremely stern and hard man and we rarely saw eye to eye on anything.  His brain damage changed his personality in such a way that, although he still has tremendous physical limitations, he became a warm and caring man with whom I now have a close relationship.  I could have missed the struggle sitting in the hospital week after week and then helping he and my mom somehow put their life back together after the accident, but I would have missed the joy of finally having a relationship with my Dad.

A few years ago, my husband and I had an unspeakable family event occur.  I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say lives were shattered and relationships were torn apart.  The heart break was so literal that I felt actual pain when the reality of the situation actually hit me.  And although a full recovery has yet to be made, there were many positive changes that occurred from this tragedy.  Just to speak from a personal perspective, I know that I am a different person from having gone through this valley.  I have become more aware of others and their feelings and have learned to accept people for who they are and look for their strengths more so than their weaknesses.

These three examples are only a few instances from my history that I would have enthusiastically chosen to skip if given the chance, but oh the “dances” that have come from them that I would have missed.  One brought me out of a spiritual fog and set me on the path of truth showing me the God who loves more than we can imagine. One gave me a true appreciation for the brevity of life and how we must let others know how we feel before our chance is gone.  And one brought me to where I am in life both physically and emotionally.

The years of pain and joy, failures and triumphs have brought me a wonderful life surrounded by people I love and who love me back.  The short of the matter is this, my history has gotten me to my present and that is to be celebrated!

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In my Bible study class on Sunday mornings, we have been studying the book of Mark.  Yesterday part of our discussion was in chapter 8 verses 22–25.  This is the story of a blind man coming to Jesus for healing.  The Bible says that Jesus spit on the man’s eyes and put His hands on him, then Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?”   The man said, “I see people;  they look like trees walking around.”  Then Jesus put His hands on the man’ s eyes again and they were opened and his sight was restored.

Our Bible study leader asked for our thoughts on this episode in Jesus’ life.  Why was the man not completely healed the first time?  We knew it was not because Jesus’ healing just did not “take” the first time and He had to do it again.  There were many thoughts shared as to what the implications are in these verses.  Most agreed that the man’s Faith increased after the partial healing and then he was able to be healed completely. I was pondering a different thought, but chose not to share it.

I have gotten confused now as to whether or not the pounding in my chest and the shortness of breath that I feel, each time I think of something I would like to share, is God nudging me to verbalize my musings or if it is simply extreme anxiety at the idea of having to speak in front of a large group of adults.   I’m not really sure at this point, but for now I choose to share my thoughts with you, by blogging world.

Upon hearing this story for the first time (I’m sure that I have actually heard it before, but I just didn’t allow it to make an impact) my mind starting racing.  Why didn’t Jesus’ healing work on the first go around?  Was it lack of faith on the man’s part?  What lesson are we to learn from this story’s inclusion into God’s Word?  Sure to have complete Faith that “God can do immeasurably more than all that we ask or think”.  Sure, that our lack of Faith can cause us to miss out on the full blessings from God.  Sure, that our prayers must be prayed in Faith believing that God can.  All these facts are true and can surely be learned from this passage.

But my thoughts were a bit different.  What if the man would have just said, yes I can see now, thank you?  He had been completely blind, so yes he did have sight now.  But he didn’t do that.  He wanted more.  It was as if he said, “Come on Jesus, I know you can do better than that.”  I started thinking about how many times I have accepted things in life and just took what came my way.  I have been grateful to God to have the opportunity to talk to Him and read His word and go to church.  To be witness to His workings in my life and the life of others.  To know that He sacrificed everything so that I can spend Eternity in Heaven.  And although those are wonderful things, what does God REALLY want to give me if only I would say, “Come on God, I know you can do better than that.”

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and the gift goes on……

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Over the holidays, we were at a party where the “white elephant” game was being played.  We laughed as one gift that was going around had a tag on it that had several names scratched out.  It was obviously a gift that had been regifted on multiple occasions.  We, like everyone else, have regifted a few times and aren’t really ashamed to admit it 😉 .

I have been thinking about how things that we “give” can go on and on and on.  I don’t really mean material possessions, but I thinking more about kind words, lending a helping hand, sharing the good news of Jesus with those who are wandering in darkness, etc.  We can never know, until we stand before our Creator, what effect our lives have had on others in this world.  Most people we will never meet nor even know exist.

The continual gift from this is that we may have an impact on someone’s life and then they impact someone else and they impact someone else and on and on and on.  The blessing is that we, the original giver, receive “credit”, if you will, for every touched soul that emerges from our first having planted the seed of kindness or care or Truth. 

I hope that I am “regifting” everyday.  After all, other people are the only things we can take with us into Eternity!

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Preparing for 2020

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As we embark upon a new decade, that begins with the year 2010

May we live each day “on purpose”, from it’s beginning til it’s end.

The days pass so quickly, months become years so fast.

Before we even realize it, this decade will have passed.

In the year 2020, and we look back at this next ten,

Will we be happy with our choices, or think “What could have been”?

Will we wish we’d made more money, spent less time with those we love?

Will we be glad we were too busy, to simply stop to kiss or hug?

It’s the people in our life that matter, not our accomplishments or accolades.

What will be important 10 years from now, are the connections that we’ve made.

Love God and love people, it’s really not that complicated.

Money, fame and fortune are actually highly overrated.

People say “plan for the future”, and I agree wholeheartedly.

How will I wish I’d lived my life, when I stand in Eternity?


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